Today in this article we will share awesome waterproof speakers with you guys. This is the Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers Review and we will be sharing our daily usage review with you guys. There are so many speaker manufactures and a couple of mini brands for these type of accessories. Now, this one is the rugged waterproof speakers which are definitely great for everyone because they are rugged.

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Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers Review: DESIGN

The Zaap Aqua has a small and rugged look with a tiny space assembly. It comes with a rubberized finished look including a hook to hang it on bags or straps. From the top of the speaker, you see the speakers grills. From the side of the speakers, there are a couple of buttons and jacks. And from the bottom of this tiny powerful dragon, you will see a vacuum grip mount, yes it is removable if you don’t want it you can remove it else it is there by default.

Inside the box, there are cables, vacuum grip, manuals and the speaker itself.

Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers: BUTTONS & PORTS

As we said in the design part, the ports and buttons come around the cylindrical portions. It has many buttons such as volume up, volume down, next song, previous song, power button, and a call button. Also, for ports, there is a charging port and an AUX port.

It has a microUSB and 3.5mm jacks for connectivity. As the speaker is waterproof so, you will see a rubbery flap over the speakers.

Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers: PERFORMANCE

The Aqua is above average speaker keeping the water proofing. It’s great to see such a package with such good sound with this kind of features. It delivers the 360 degrees sound which actually feels great in the room. It is a tough speaker we have dropped if many times just in case for test and it worked well with not even minor issues. It is IP67 rated for 100% protection against Water, Shock, Snow, and Dust.

Coming back to performance, it delivers very good audio fro around 4-5 hours with a full charge. We can keep this with us during travels and more fun because there is no fear of getting it damaged. Also, the design is just the same as the performance so you won’t regret your money.

Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers Review: WATERPROOFING

The ZAAP Aqua is IP67 certified and the premium rubberized exterior gives it shock protection too.

The IP67 certification means you could take the speaker with you for treks, pool parties, or at the beach or even bathroom without having to worry about damaging it. We mostly used it inside the bathroom because we love music in free space.

Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers: BATTERY & CHARGING

The ZAAP Aqua Bluetooth speakers survive easily for 4 and a half hours. We were able to get it to work for 5 hours easily without much stress throughout the day. The aqua takes around 1 hour to charge it completely but we have not charged it to the end. According to phone’s Bluetooth, we have charged it to 97 percent and that worked great. That’s it for the Zaap Aqua Bluetooth Speakers Review.


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