In this article, you will learn why SSD hosting is better than normal hosting. What are the SSD hosting advantages and why you should buy the SSD Hosting for your websites. If you want to buy a new SSD hosting then buy the best SSD hosting from here.

What is SSD?

It is used to store your data and files permanently both for personal and professional use. Generally, it stands for Solid State Drive and you will get the latest type of computer storage device in the market.

You can also say that it is a new version of a traditional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and both the device is used to store the files even though your device is not working.

Features of SSD Hosting:

  • It works on the electronic circuit and it has no moving parts, hence all information is tracked properly.
  • It’s building is similar to the pen drive and the speed of this device is good. However, tracking and acquiring of the data is faster on the SDD and it will not create an issue if you keep broken files or fragmented files in the memory.

Generally, the data access speed of the SSD is 0.2 milliseconds and in HDD its reach to 20 milliseconds. There might be a small difference if you are talking about milliseconds. But on the other hand, if we talk about tracking and acquiring large amounts of data, then there will be a huge difference in the performance.

Since 10yrs back, the invention of SSD was done and computer manufacturers started to utilize it on a large scale. The cost was the only thing that causes an issue for those who need to opt for this device.

However, the cost of HDD was more as compared to SSD. Due to the evolution of the latest technology, cost of both the devices has got lower down.

Advantages of SSD:

As I explained before there are multiple benefits of SSD over HDD. One of the main advantages is the speed that you can consider for personal and professional use. As it works 10 times faster as compared to traditional HD. That is the reason for the migration of people from HDD to SSD. It consumes less power and avoids the generation of heat. It has large durability and stability.

Disadvantages of SSD:

It is very expensive and per gigabyte of data storage is much more than traditional HDDs. In case you decide to opt for SSD for your server then you will get less space as compared to the price which your provider is charging you.

In HDD, you will get the indications during the failure of the system, but in SSD you didn’t get the notifications.

For whom SSD hosting is suitable?

It is suitable for those websites who stores a huge number of databases on the server. In this category, we can add virtual stores, database applications or any online service website to whom speed and processing of data matters a lot. Additionally, high traffic receiving sites or website build in content management platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more.

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Whereas static, low traffic receiving sites or sites who are not performing well then there is no need to use such type of feature. However, due to the growing market, good performance of the website is not only matters, but can be influential to get a good amount of impressions on the website.

Conclusion for SSD Hosting Advantages:

In this article, we have learned what is SSD, its features, advantages and disadvantages and more. In short, if you want better performance of your website then it is suggested to opt for SSD hosting or the hosting provider who offers you the best price and features for SSD hosting.


  1. Have heard a lot about SSDs, in fact, they are widely used nowadays because they provider finer performance as compared to SATA drives


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