Under the screen fingerprint scanner is under development by Vivo and Qualcomm. From an internal presentation of this next flagship with this recently technology reappeared to shed more light on this special project. According to a new weibo post, the first phone will be the Vivo Xplay7. It is going to arrive in 2018 with dual cameras on the back and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset which will be latest flagship by Qualcomm too after the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

Vivo XPlay7 Full Screen And Dual Cameras! (Renders Leaked) 1

The Vivo Xplay7 is allegedly considered to have an IMX401 camera sensor by Sony that might allow 4x optical zoom. The front screen is also expected to have a high screen-to-body ratio, with the front camera cut into the display quite similar to the Essential phone.

We’ve already seen a prototype with under screen fingerprint scanner, but the Xplay7 is the actual model of the same. It will allegedly be the very first device to make with the technology for end user.

Vivo XPlay7 Full Screen And Dual Cameras! (Renders Leaked) 2

The slides look like as they are part of an internal presentation, but it is more likely these are very first rendered so you can expect changes in the final end of what the vivo Xplay7.


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