LG Electronics India recently launched the aesthetically beautiful LG SIGNATURE House in the premium facility of Gurgaon called CAITRIONA for their SIGNATURE Premium Products. The LG SIGNATURE House is a new destination for the premium audience. Artificial Intelligence in LG SIGNATURE products, which encompass Signature Tv, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Purifier, and many more premium home appliances from the house of LG are placed.

“Our driving principle is to ensure that the essence of our products is preserved from idea generation through to the end-user experience. LG SIGNATURE is the embodiment of thought where ‘Art & Beauty’ is exhibited in products to exude ‘Sophistication’. LG SIGNATURE products are driven by ‘Passion’ and address the people who aim for ‘Excellence’ and ‘Perfection’ and for whom ‘Art & Craft’ is a means of ‘Self Expression’. LG SIGNATURE House is new destination for premium seekers and the same is an extension of experiential marketing initiative where we would like consumers to experience products in real time environment. I am confident that consumers who lead an Idyllic, fulfilled lifestyle, those who look beyond just extraordinary, will definitely appreciate LG SIGNATURE Products”, said Amit Gujral – Head Corporate Marketing – LG Electronics India.

The wide range of products rolled out under the title SIGNATURE SERIES include the following:

The Refrigerator that unveils the freshness within:

The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator represents the visualization of the essence with a fresh take that is both intuitive and evolutionary. As a nod to its innovative spirit, LG has taken its award-winning Door-in-Door™ design one step further by adding a Knock-on Door-in-Door feature that makes the opaque Door-in-Door™ compartment transparent with a simple knock. The transparent surface allows customers to peer inside the refrigerator without having to open the door, offering significant energy savings by limiting cold air loss. Even more innovative is the new Auto Door Open feature which automatically opens the door when an individual approaches the refrigerator, allowing for quick and easy access even if your arms are full of groceries.

LG SIGNATURE refrigerator

The LG SIGNATURE refrigerator is powered by LG’s Inverter Linear Compressor which automatically adjusts its cooling capacity based on load conditions, generates less internal friction due to its unique design and is backed by a 10-year warranty.

LG Signature Washing Machine:

The unique-looking LG SIGNATURE washing machine is an advanced version of the LG TWIN Wash™. The LG SIGNATURE front load washing machine is more durable, more convenient and more sophisticated than ever and features the unique pedestal MINI Wash under the main unit.

The minimalistic design of the LG SIGNATURE washing machine is highlighted by the beautiful Quick Circle User Interface which is touch-enabled and embedded in the glass door that makes it easy to use when standing. The Push Open washing machine door can be opened even when your hands are full by simply pushing lightly and the enamel coating which gives the washing machine a sophisticated and sleek look also repels fingerprints and corrosion.

 lg-signature-house washing machine

The LG SIGNATURE washing machine comes equipped with LG’s proprietary Centum System™ which improves the washing machine’s durability and energy efficiency with an advanced suspension system. Noise emitted while the washing machine is in operation is greatly decreased because the Centum System™ minimizes the tub’s vibrations during a wash cycle.

Air Purifier that cleans the air before your very eyes:

LG Air Purifier

LG believes that nothing is more important than clean air. The exquisitely designed LG SIGNATURE air purifier allows the air cleaning process to be a visual experience with its innovative transparent panel. Equipped with an advanced Aqua-Cyclone feature, this air purifier harnesses the power of water to filter out harmful chemicals and contaminants while quickly bringing the room to comfortable humidity levels. The unit is equipped with LG’s Semi-Permanent Filter System, allowing consumers to remove, wash and reuse the filters for up to 10 years, saving both time and money.

While fine dust particles are typically invisible to the naked eye, customers can see the air quality of their indoor environment by simply glancing at LG’s Smart PM1.0 Indicator. Positioned around the control display, the indicator uses four different colors of light to signify the concentration of super-fine dust particles.

LG Signature OLED TV W “Picture On Wall”:

The innovative design of the W7 series follows LG’s “less is more” philosophy, stripping away everything to emphasize the beauty of the screen alone. The W7’s sleek razor-thin profile makes the TV appear to be levitating in mid-air, adding to the sense of immersion.

The OLED panel, measuring only 2.57mm thin in 65” inch model, can be mounted directly on the wall with only magnetic brackets, eliminating any gap between the TV and the wall. This design of the W7 series invites the illusion of gazing out a window, not of watching TV.

LG Signature House Wallpaper TV

SIGNATURE OLEDTV provide an ultimate home cinema experience to the users as the colors pop and images come alive against the infinite, inky darkness of the perfect, elegant black along with the Dolby Vision™ technology that transforms the television viewing experience with astonishing brightness and optimizing the picture scene-by-scene, thereby giving an unmatched viewing experience along with support of all HDR Format (Dolby Vision , HDR 10 , HLG , SDR to HDR conversion) to the consumer.

The sense of immersion is completed by up-firing speakers and unrivaled Dolby Atmos sound which provides object-based & 3600sound experience to the consumer.

The SIGNATURE OLED TV series comes in two size variants, 77” and 65” (diagonal class), complemented by the Smart TV platform as webOS which integrates all the possible smart TV features such as queuing up the content from some of best content providers and with an impressive intuitive interface. A Magic Remote Control makes this easy with the pressing of a “Single Click” to access anything. Moreover, Natural Voice Recognition, Universal Control Capability, LG Content Store (App Store), OLED Gallery, Full Web Browser work as assets adding to the ultimate television viewing experience and makes it the ultimate powerhouse of home entertainment.

The new LG Styler:

LG Signature House StylerThe new dimension in clothing care with the LG Styler closet, designed to save valuable time and money by relaxing wrinkles and reducing odor with ease, all while boasting a sleek and impressive design meant to enhance any décor or setting. The LG Styler offers impressive features that including the TrueSteamTM technology that penetrates fabric for effective cleaning and sanitizing. It also has a portable water container provides the water for LG’s TrueSteam, while offering easy access for supply and draining.

The deodorizer keeps the garments smelling their very best and the moving hanger helps to smooth wrinkles while reducing odor by sliding right and left 220 times per minute, working to keep the clothes looking their very best.


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