Everywhere around us we see smart technologies transforming the nature of how we do things and helping us make our lives more convenient. These technologies are redefining the traditional ways of doing things and are replacing them with better modes and styles.

Make A House A Smart Home With LG 4

The emphasis is on allowing more control in the processes of daily living, personalization and an enhanced user-engagement at the same time. Modern technologies have made our lives more convenient than ever before.

The best home appliances deliver maximum convenience while also adding something exciting to the home. Built-in artificial intelligence has transformed normal appliances into smart ones, that can learn residents’ usage patterns and utilize them to improve performance.

AI not only enhances convenience, the technology also makes appliances safer and more energy efficient, perfect for the growing concerns over the environment and the seemingly ever-increasing utility bills.

LG SIGNATURE refrigerator

LG is committed to creating a consumer-centric smart home ecosystem with the aim of allowing homeowners to control all their appliances and devices from one spot. A combination of long- lasting, premium appliances and the unrivalled intelligence of LG ThinQ positions LG as a trendsetter in this fiercely competitive market.

LG Electronics believes that life can be “Made Better with LG ThinQ,” its contribution to the AI ecosystem. With products such as the LG TV AI ThinQ, LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator, LG TWINWash ThinQ. LG XBOOM AI ThinQ smart speaker and LG V40ThinQ smartphone, LG is delivering personalized, proactive, efficient and easy solutions to today’s consumers.

lg-signature-house washing machine

From cooking a Sunday morning breakfast to planning a last-minute trip, LG ThinQ makes each step as easy as possible.

AI is just one-way appliances are being personalized to meet the lifestyle needs of today’s
consumers. Appliances now come in diverse color and size options, with discerning customers seeking models that best complement their unique home interiors.


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