As it is the Apex phone hands-on article, here we have added some of the Apex images that you are going to like. In fact, APEX is the bezel-less lineup from VIVO. It is a concept phone for now.Talking of Vivo Apex Specs, It has a clean 5.99-inch, 18:9, FullHD+ display. Even though VIVO is working on a flexible OLED. They are able to manage to mound microchips on flexible boards. We can now imagine a phone without bezels. Vivo apex specs are not officially released but we have an overview like this.

APEX Phone Hands-On

As it was a demo device from Vivo. It has just 1.8 tri sides bezels and 4.3mm bottom bezels. For this type of hardware, they need to fix and make the quality software to get the best outputs. The software is still in beta phase with hardware.

APEX is the first smartphone that has a half screen fingerprint under the display. This security technology is quite similar to optical unlocker. You can unlock the phone by pressing the bottom screen anywhere.

APEX Phone Hands-on Camera:

Vivo has added the periscope kind of module on the top side of the phone. It is an 8MP automated camera that pops up during selfie mode. It takes 0.8 seconds to finish the setup. It is fun playing with it but it is still a concept one and not recommended for daily usage. It has a 16MP primary and 5MP secondary camera on the rear for decent photography images.

Since it is a full display smartphone there was no space to add earpiece. So Vivo used the technology that was used in Mi Mix too. The new screen sound casting technology. Ot vibrates the screen and produces the sound. Vivo is using this as both speaker and an earpiece. Also, it is louder than Mi Mix original.

Vivo Apex Specs:

It is premium or maybe the costliest device from VIVO but it’s a concept phone so no sales for now. It is a type-C connector with speakers and 3.5mm jack. VIVO might launch this smartphone with fixes. That’s a part of APEX Phone Hands-On in this article.

Even though, Vivo has added two fingerprint system at one time too You can scan two fingers at one time in a special mode. It can increase the security and you will need both those two fingers to unlock the smartphone. Let’s see when the company will release the Vivo apex specs officially.


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