today announced the launch of Amazon Prime Music, an ad free music streaming service – exclusively for Prime members – offering unlimited offline downloads*, voice controlled with Alexa at no additional cost to Prime membership. Amazon Prime Music includes tens of millions of songs across major International and Indian music labels in  over 10  languages including English, Hindi, Tamil, Punjabi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu and more.

  • Amazon Prime members can now enjoy their favourite music ad-free across millions of songs in multiple languages at no additional cost to Prime membership.
  • Amazon Prime Music is available to play on Android and iOS mobile phone apps, Desktop app and Web player, Amazon Fire TV sticks and Amazon Echo devices.

Amazon Prime Music brings a transformative music experience giving Prime members a brand-new way to enjoy music:

  • No Ads, No interruptions: Sit back and enjoy a seamless, music listening experience with unlimited offline downloads.
  • Voice controlled music: Simply tap the Alexa button in the mobile music app and use your voice to ask for your favourite music on Andriod & iOS. Get started by asking for your favourite artist “Play Ed Sheeran song”, or simply say “Play latest Hindi songs” or say “play 60s Bollywood music”
  • Global selection in multiple languages: Whether it is discovering New releases to Retro Classics, Rock to Bhangra, Rabindra Sangeet to Electronic dance music, there’s music for everyone, every moment, every mood to choose from millions of songs in multiple languages.
  • Curated Playlists and Stations: Amazon Prime Music’s Indian editorial experts have specially created Playlists and Stations to cater to customers music tastes across moods, activities, genres, eras, artists and more across multiple Indian languages. Discover what’s new on specially designed playlists like Fresh Hip-HopFresh Punjabi, Fresh Tamil and more, be clued into chartbusters on the Hot Right Now series and rediscover genres with a tightly curated list of 100 Greatest songs, chosen across eras – from Bollywood to Sufi to 80s Pop and slow Jams. Whether it’s a wedding, or a road trip or you are on babysitting duties – there is a playlist waiting for you on Amazon Prime Music.
  • Make your own playlists – Build your own perfect playlist by choosing songs you already love or songs you just discovered through hand-curated playlists and stations for easy and quick access. You can also share your playlists on Amazon Prime Music with your family and friends.
  • Unlimited offline downloads*: Download your favourite songs, albums and playlists for seamless offline playback. Enjoy your music wherever you are, anytime. No data costs or limited connectivity challenges.

At Amazon, we continue to add value to our popular Prime program. With the launch of Amazon Prime Music, we now offer Prime members an easy, uninterrupted access to a world of music entertainment with their Prime membership. We think, Prime members will enjoy this latest addition with the many Prime benefits that already include unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Amazon Prime Video and unlimited free fast delivery on eligible items from India’s largest online selection of products, early access to top deals and more”,  said Amit Agarwal, SVP and Country Head, Amazon India.

Amazon Prime Music brings a transformative music experience giving Prime members a brand-new way to enjoy music. Below is a list of latest releases, super-hit titles, iconic artists and occasion based playlists across multiple Indian languages for your easy access.

HINDI – From Film Music to pop, from Hindustani classical to devotional, including Ghazals and Sufi, music in Hindi plays out in various forms. Amazon Prime Music listeners will be able to stay up-to-date with tailor made “Go-to” playlists like Fresh Hindi and Hot Right now which capture all that is New and Hot in the music industry. They can revisit bygone eras with a throwback to the 60s or 50s and revel in the “&” series – celebrating classic collaborations between music stalwarts.

  1. Curated playlist across artists, mood, genre and more
  • Best of A. R. Rahman
  • Unplugged: Bollywood
  • 100 Greatest Bollywood Love Songs
  • Bollywood Workout Mix
  • 100 Greatest Ghazals
  • Arijit Singh Love Songs
  • Kishore Kumar Love Songs
  • “&” Series: Asha Bhosle with Pancham
  • “&” Series: A. R. Rahman with Gulzar
  • Best of Ustad Ghulam Ali
  • Best of AbidaParveen
  • LataMangeshkar Love Songs
  • Best of Jagjit Singh
  1. Stations – listen to ad free music for hours
  • Top Bollywood
  • Sufi Essentials
  • Timeless Ghazals
  • Mohammed Rafi
  • 50s, 60s, 90s, Bollywood
  • Top Indian Pop
  • Bollywood Weekend
  • Bollywood legends

English – From Pop, Rock, Dance, Electronic or Classical, Jazz and slow jams, to legends like Prince, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Tina Turner and favorites like Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, DuaLipa, etc are all on Amazon Prime Music. From bespoke playlists and stations that help you get in the know to new music, there is a wide range to choose from. Fresh Electronic and 100 Greatest Elvis Songs live side-by-side making it easy for you to switch to whatever you are in the mood for. Workout, Run, Host a dinner party or simply try to relax – we have you covered on Amazon Prime Music.

  1. Curated playlist across artists, mood, genre and more
  • Fresh Dance
  • Fresh Pop
  • Hot Right Now – Hip-Hop
  • 100 Greatest Jazz
  • 100 Greatest Beatles
  • Cardio Workout
  • Party Hip –Hop
  • 80s Rock Ballads
  • Highway Hits for open roads
  • 90s Pop Workout
  • 100 greatest Disney songs
  • New Age for Meditation
  • Classical Focus
  1. Stations – listen to ad-free music for hours
  • Top Pop
  • Top Rock
  • Top Hip-Hop
  • All Jazz
  • Chill Electronic
  • 90s Dance

PUNJABI – Punjabi music finds its footing in many genres, from Film music to Pop, Bhangra, Folk and Devotional. Amazon Prime Music listeners will have a pulse on what’s New and Hot with bespoke playlists like Fresh Punjabi and Hot Right now. From Bhangra and Party Poppers to the solitude of EkOnkar and Gurbani, here are a few playlists that are available on Amazon Prime Music.

  1. Curated playlist of artists, mood, genre and more
  • Fresh Punjabi
  • Hot Right Now: Punjabi
  • 50 Greatest Love Songs: Punjabi
  • 100 Greatest Punjabi Songs
  • Bhangra Workout Mix
  • Best of DiljitDosanjh
  • Best of Gurdas Maan
  • Satnam Shri Waheguru: Jagjit Singh
  • Best of Harddy Sandhu
  • Best of Hans Raj Hans
  1. Stations – listen to ad-free music for hours
  • Top Punjabi Pop
  • Bhangra Beats
  • Gurbani
  • Retro Punjabi
  • 2000s Punjabi

Similar to other languages like Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and more in India is available on Amazon prime music with prime benefits like ads free music.


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