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Innovation and technology go side by side in today’s digital world. And the laptop is regarded as among one of those most exceptional innovations. Laptops always come in a portable form mostly in small size and light weight plus we don’t have to bother about mouse and keyboard. Asus Zenbook S Laptop will define a new meaning to the category of advanced laptop. This is the ZenBook S Review.

Recent advancements in the digital world have proved that we feel a little paranoid about the absence of gadgets and technologies in our day to day life. We feel out of space, giddy and frustrated if our internet is not working or if our gadgets run out of charge. Consequently, now there is a supreme bond between human and technology. Electronic gadgets like computers, mobile phones, and other devices perform various essential functions of communication, transportation, education and food industries.

Asus Zenbook S Review:

Asus Zenbook S is every youth’s dream. It comes with a beautiful design, slim hardware with an automatic prop performance. The features of the Asus Zenbook S which stand out in the premium category of laptops are the stunning display, skinny and lightweight model.

As one of the premium category laptop, it is entirely in your budget and absolutely an economical buy. So if you planning buys this premium laptop, do not forget to check the electronic offers for some attractive offers and deals.

Asus Zenbook S comes with an Intel Core i7-8550U and 16GB of RAM which delivers a fantastic performance which couldn’t have been any better.

Asus Zenbook S Design:

The Asus Zenbook S looks really sophisticated and classy.  It comes in two colors, one is “deep dive blue,” and the other one is “burgundy red.” In the center of the lid, there is an ASUS logo in rose gold which carved in the company’s signature texture.

Underneath the lid, Asus tends to surprise you a little more with a glittering blue deck and golden text with the keyboard which tilts upward at an angle. The exciting thing is you can only make out the shades of blue in broad daylight and in the dim you can notice the subtle sparkle of gold. Asus had also maintained an outstanding balance between the device’s performance and the look good factor.

The design gives three significant benefits like an outstanding typing experience like never before, improved heat management and better sound quality. And on the upper-right corner of the touchpad, you can find the fingerprint reader.

ZenBook S Review

The headphone and microphone jack is right beside the hinge. Two Thunderbolt 3 ports are on the right side of the deck while the left side houses a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port.

Zenbook S is a convertible 2-in-1 laptop, and the lid folds back 145 degrees straight. Moreover, it’s light and compact which is only 1kg.

Asus Zenbook S Display:

The fantastic display of Asus Zenbook S will amaze you. With its 13.3 inches, es Full HD LED Backlit Wideview Glare Display. The clarity and vibrancy are beyond perfection. The visual vitality is so richly saturated that you can even make out the tiny details in the screen without any difficulty.

White balance seems perfect as ever combined with it excellent vivid color’s display. Zen book S can reach a maximum brightness of 323 nits which though falls short of the Apple MacBook Pro from 439 nits.

The touch-sensitive panel is very responsive and quick which will not disappoint you and even while swiping your fingers or tapping on the glass also doesn’t seem to have any trouble.

ZenBook S Review Display

Asus Zenbook S Audio

The Asus Zenbook S’ speakers are good but not loud enough. The laptop fails to satisfy in it audio delivery. If you want to play a song for a group of friend in a large room, you can only make out the vocals properly, and music tends to fade out in the background.

And the bass also fails to recreate any magic as it seems hollower than full and loud.

Asus Zenbook S Keyboard and touchpad:

The Asus Zenbook S Keyboard is traditionally flat and relaxed. Therefore if you are planning to write a story or play you are going to enjoy its fast typing experience. While typing your wrist are in a relaxed position, and the gentle tilt upwards adds glory to the keyboard. And also the key is compact and well spaced.

One of the nice features is the adjustable brightness levels of the backlighting. This typical feature we tend to find only in the gaming laptop ranges.

Though Asus’ palm rejection isn’t that perfect as while working the cursor tends to move several times and to prevent that you have to lift your palm while typing occasionally.

Asus Zenbook S Webcam:

The Asus Zenbook S High definition Webcam is cool. It picks up details of the Objects very quickly and does the job best in somewhat low light picking up the details very minutely. So, if even if you are not in a proper view, you can very well make a video call via skype without any worries.

Asus Zenbook S Battery life:

With the battery of 50Wh it Asus Zenbook lasted for around 7 hours and 5 minutes while browsing the websites, streaming video and playing games at 15 nits of brightness. Well, it is below average than most the premium category laptops of this range which will disappoint you a little. As the computer is meant for carrying out with you while in the move it serves no good.

Asus Zenbook S Heat:

While streaming a High definition video for about 15 minutes, the laptops’ temperature raises relatively more, but as hinge provides the natural elevation, the heat management is better. With the optimized cooling system, the heat is in control and you can the experience the best.

Asus Zenbook S Performance:

ZenBook S Review Red

Asus Zenbook is set up with Intel Core i7-8550U, 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD have the plethora of power while running a high-resolution video and demanding programs. The laptop scores exceptionally well in the run of premium category laptops and serves the best of it.

Asus Zenbook S Price range:

In India, the price starts at Rs. 1,29,990 which less compared to the other premium category laptops of this range. The Asus Zenbook S is referred to as the economic and the best-priced laptop for its outstanding features.


  • Vivid 4000 display
  • Relaxed and Comfortable Keyboard
  • Ultra Thin and Lightweight design
  • Economic Price


  • Average Audio Quality
  • Relatively Low battery Life
  • Runs a little warm

The laptop Asus Zenbook S Pro scores 7/10 in the entire test. The laptop has a fantastic display and relaxing keyboard facilities which will never disappoint you. Apart from that the elevating hinge and the touch are also the exceptional features in such an affordable range. And from the series of competitors in this range, Asus Zenbook has reasonably performed better.

Vivid 4000 display
Relaxed and Comfortable Keyboard
Ultra Thin and Lightweight design
Economic Price
Average Audio Quality
Relatively Low battery Life
Runs a little warm
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asus-zenbook-s-reviewAsus Zenbook S is an epitome of style and fashion. It will definitely add glamour to your day to day life. The Innovation, the chic look and with such an affordable price is rare. So if you are convinced enough to have one of your own please go through the electronic offers and get fair deal for yourself. So, hurry to get a new generation laptop in your kitty.



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