Recently, we have watched the movie, Ant-Man and The Wasp and it was totally awesome. It had new tech, comedy and lots of entertainment. While talking about the Marvel Universe, the first thing comes to mind is the VFX stuff. Now, we will be sharing some experiences and how powerful Dell’s machines used in the movie.

Dell Precision workstations were the most smoother machines to finish the effects. In VFX Studio, DNEG leverages end-to-end Dell technology to bring the visual effects to life in the film.


Dell has officially announced that they have teamed up with Marvel Universe for the Ant-Man and The Wasp for the powerful VFX. It is totally awesome how these two huge brands are bringing the lower to higher tech to everyone. If you have watched the movie, you will notice that from the very beginning to the end,all machines are powered by the Dell.

“What’s great about this partnership is that it allows our on-screen tech to become a bit more tangible to viewers,” said Mindy Hamilton, Marvel’s Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships & Marketing. We might not be able to replicate Hank Pym’s advancements quite yet, but we hope that the film inspires people to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible just like our heroes do.”

Dell Precision Made These Effects In Movie Easy:

This exciting collaboration extends behind the camera, where Dell hardware plays a vital role in creating the visual effects in the film. Marvel Studios enlisted VFX vendors, several of which utilized a breadth of Dell technologies, including Dell Precision workstations.

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Around 300 Dell Precision workstations were used in finishing all VFX effects. Some attention-grabbing scenes like; Imagine an adrenaline-fueled car chasing through San Francisco, moments of Ant-Man and The Wasp shrinking, or an intricate lab scene featuring ghost phasing in and out of walls – technologies from Dell help turned these outstanding ideas into reality.

Dell Precision Workstations

It was an amazing experience to see these all wonderful visuals in a couple of minutes. Some of the effects were totally unbelievable and some were just OMG! Dell’s machines did the wonderful job behind the processing and all stuff. We are looking forward to portable carrying compact beasts from Dell now.


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