Donald Trump Shows on Idiot

It’s been long that the USA is living under Donald Trump’s rules. He had changed so many rules and has done a lot to the great United States of America. But What? There are supports and haters as well living there. A new query under Google’s Image search came up for with the same chain. Search IDIOT under the image section and you’ll the 45th president of America yes, that’s true Donald Trump. So, why Donal Trump shows while searching for Idiot word under the image section of Google.

Why Donald Trump Shows Up For IDIOT Images Search? 2

We all know Google completely works with the help of third-party content such as bloggers, media persons or social media executives or SEO based articles. This same happened with this query, there are some extremely talented third-party users which produce this amount of content and ranked it to the image section. Google has picked it, indexed it because it is what it does regularly. On the based of such Idiot articles, They indexed the images too. That’s why Donald Trump comes up while searching for Idiot in Images section.

“We provide search today for any time you type in a keyword. We, as Google, have gone out and crawled and stored copies of billions of their pages in our index, and we take the keyword and match it against the pages and rank them based on over 200 signals.”

Pichai said.

“Things like relevance, freshness, popularity, how other people are using it. And based on that, you know, at any given time, we try to find the best results for that query.” 

he also added.

The House committee discussed this all thing in a hearing with Google If the search results are politically slanted or they are just user based conceptives. Now, it depends on users how they take things. Google is a firm which is now more focused to its users and works for them again and again. No offence to political parties or specific member.

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