LG SIGNATURE refrigerator

We do not know what the post-COVID world will look like, but we do know one thing for certain-health and hygiene is going to become an integral part of it. Adapting to the new normal has become one of the main challenges of our current daily lives. Most of us are not in the office and working from home, often multi-tasking between various household chores along with our professional responsibilities. In these circumstances, it becomes imperative for us to maintain an efficient lifestyle while also being creative in our work and the lives we lead.

LG Helps You Optmise Your New Normal - Working from Home 7

Lockdowns to fight the coronavirus in various parts of the world, including India, has led to stocking up on our daily groceries for long periods of time. In fact, venturing out of the house becomes a daunting task in order to protect oneself and one’s family. LG’s refrigerators have Hygiene Fresh+ technology while is tailor-made for these tough times. It helps kill bacteria and viruses while also keeping foods fresh for longer periods by automatically cleaning and purifying its internal air ensuring it is kept hygienic. Adapting to the current needs, these refrigerators help you optimize the groceries you manage to buy to the fullest and for the longest period.

LG SIGNATURE refrigerator

This innovative purification feature is part of other LG devices as well including Air Conditioners as well as washing machines that utilize ‘Steam technology’ to kill harmful bacteria and germs. It is essential to optimize your at-home living conditions in order to maintain a virus-free environment. The World Health Organization routinely advertises the need to laundry one’s clothes and clean dirty utensils in regular intervals at the highest temperature possible. LG’s ‘Steam Technology’ is built around keeping this in mind, using steam to reduce wrinkles as well as 99.9% allergens. LG’s own air purifiers ensure a 360-degree purification process as well, for the air you breathe.

LG Air Purifier

Managing domestic chores while being productive can be difficult, often affecting work. LG has taken upon itself the task to help make living life easier in these uncertain times. It uses artificial intelligence or AI in order to assist the user in various tasks.

LG Helps You Optmise Your New Normal - Working from Home 8

LG’s Laptops and Monitors are light-weight AI induced gadgets with an i5 processor helping to multi-task with work deadlines while also looking for your cooking recipes on different tabs!

In fact, LG’s water purifier with its UF filter ensures that you drink only the purest water. The company has recently launched a ThinQ app, through which you can control and keep a tab on all your LG home appliances like your AC and Washing Machine. In these times, it is very essential to prioritize the health and safety of your family. However, it is also important to try and optimize the time at home uninterrupted with your loved ones while staying safe and secure. LG’s large range of home appliances helps you find an effective way to utilize this time while also creating a sustainable lifestyle.


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