Sony Launched Home Entertainment Audio Systems MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30D


Sony India today further transformed its home entertainment audio system line-up, with the launch of MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30DExclusively designed for music enthusiasts, these powerful audio speakers offer clear, dynamic sound, coupled with wireless Bluetooth capabilities enabling users to enjoy music at the touch of a button. The advanced speakers are an extension of the previously introduced MHC-V77D and MHC-V50D. These newly launched home entertainment audio systems stand out for their dynamic audio output, distinctive design, and premium technology.

Sony Launched Home Entertainment Audio Systems MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30D 1

Addressing the growing demand for focused entertainment products, the new series additions are packed with unique features like karaoke and DJ effects and Sony’s indigenous offering of a music center smartphone app. The speakers are embedded with an option for built in USB port, audio input and also comes with a built in FM radio tuner.

Karaoke and DJ Effects

MHC-V11 and SHAKE- X30D are enabled with Karaoke and DJ effects and can enliven any atmosphere. One can just pop in a CD, USB, and sing along to songs from YouTube via Bluetooth. Two mic inputs offer an option to team up with friends for the ultimate sing-off. A built-in vocal fader function even turns down the voice on CDs so one can sing favorite songs.

SHAKE- X30D offers four different effects to set the stage for any party: Flanger creates a deep roaring effect; WAH distorts the audio; Isolator singles out a specific frequency band; and PAN sweeps the sound across speakers. One can use DJ effects with the Fiestable app and gesture control, so getting creative with party playlists has never been easier.

Music Center App

Adding to the seamless experience, the Sony Music Center App for smartphone or tablet allows taking control of the music collection. Simply connect over Bluetooth /USB and have access to all favorite tracks. The app can also be used to customize sound settings to ensure great, balanced audio.

NFC and Bluetooth Technology

Ensuring impressively deep lows, MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30D produce audio output capability that allows one to enjoy the highest quality wireless audio via Bluetooth technology and NFC

LED Speaker lights

With LED speaker lights, the user can pump the atmosphere with club-like LED speaker illumination. MHC-V11 delivers blue speaker illumination to create the ambiance which perfectly attracts party enthusiast.

In SHAKE-X30D, the LED light speakers come with various color patterns, ranging from pure white to the rainbow. One can control the lights on the system, and watch them sync to the beat of the music for a club-style dance floor at home. Synchronizing with the rhythm of the beat, the power and speed of the light display match the musical mood and atmosphere.

The party chain feature lets one expand the speaker system. The speaker can be connected with other Sony one box audio system to add extra power to the sound system. The user can connect multiple systems in a chain to enhance the acoustic experience and produce powerful sound.

Portable one-box design: MHC-V11

MHC-V11 is a compact, light weight speaker and comes with a portable design which is convenient to be carried everywhere. This unique feature makes the one-box speaker a perfect addition to any party.

Guitar Input: SHAKE-X30D

The speaker lets one easily organize mini concerts with the available guitar input. Just plug in and press the guitar key to enjoy powerful sound of the instrument. One can also play solo style, or connect a microphone to sing along.

High Power Audio Quality: SHAKE-X30D

The perfect combination of style and sound quality, SHAKE-X30D delivers impressive shaking bass audio quality with the Sound Pressure Horn. An internal folded horn design efficiently increases acoustic pressure by pushing energy through an amplifying duct.

MHC-V11 and SHAKE-X30D will be available in all Sony Center and major electronic stores across India.





20th August 2017

Rs. 19,990


24th August 2017

Rs. 50,990


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