Team Gears Today

This is a team effort, The GearsToday is now a technology magazine for the public. Allow us to introduce the team of this magazine.

  1. The tech geek, the geeky guy, and many other names have been set to Vivek already. He started XDAUpdates in his early days but later on he moved to The247tech project for his college with his friends but it didn’t work out then, he worked in WittyFeed as product manager of GeeksMate after some months he thought of starting from ground again and he came up with his best-girl-friend he introduced the ‘GearsToday’ on board. He has a tech passion including photographs, traveling, and video directions. Want to connect with him reach him on LinkedIn, Facebook.
  2. The lifestyle nerdo, Aradhna has been a great part of the team GearsToday. She clicks and creates videos for GearsToday as well as takes care of this name like a baby. She did content research post in WittyFeed for few months. She covers the best of series in budget smartphones. She has a vision of being an awesome photographer. She manages all editorial stuff and public relations on GearsToday also puts her honest reviews. Reach to her on Instagram, Facebook.

Want to join the team or have interest in tech gadgets or even you are a camera geek? Connect with us at [email protected]