Portronics mostly is known for making portable products. Recently, they have made a remarkable Bluetooth headphone for everyone. It has an attractive price, good sound and it’s portable. We are putting our thoughts in this Muffs L Review.

Muffs L comes with a pocket friendly tag, gives quality sound and has slightly better battery life.

Portronics Muffs L Review

Undoubtedly, Muffs is one of the best Bluetooth headphones series in India. In continuation to Muffs series they have introduced Muffs L which brings you a unique combination of Superior Sound Clarity, Stylish looks, Wearing Comfort and Carrying Convenience, all in one.

Muffs L Review / Connectivity:

It comes with a built-in microphone and ear-pad mounted music & call controls. Muffs L elegantly and seamlessly switches between your music and phone calls. You can add AUX to it when needed.

Portronics Muffs L Review

While Muffs L gives crisp and high-quality sound, it is less power hungry and charges in a very short time. After connecting it to your phone you are free to enjoy without wires. It is light in weight and it gets charge only in an hour or less. It will give you around 10hrs of playback in real life which is so great.

It uses the low-power consuming Bluetooth version 4.1 which is compatible with lower versions of Bluetooth on smartphones/tabs/laptops.

Portronics Muffs L Review

Muffs L can be used with your smartphone or iPods, MP3 players for a strenuous workout to casual listening, It has soft cushion foam ear-pads with sweat resistant material that allows to let you play long hours of music without giving you pain.

Portronics Muffs L Review:

The Muffs L Wireless comes the closest to being the best low-cost set of headphones in the entry-level segment. It combines beautiful and comfortable build quality, better-than-average active noise cancellation. The call quality is good too but it catches noise easily which is not a big deal in this budget.

Portronics Muffs L Review

Muffs L Review Features:

Muffs L comes with 40mm drivers for a great audio experience for best in class bass effect. It works on low-power BLE Bluetooth 4.1 which is compatible with lower versions. This means you can play music much longer than headphone with older versions of Bluetooth.

Portronics Muffs L Review

AUX cable helps to play music from non-Bluetooth devices like PCs or take calls when the battery of your smartphone is running low and you do not want to use Bluetooth on the phone.

Portronics Muffs L Review

It has 400mAh Li-on battery that can be fully charged in less than 2.5 hours and gives 12+ hours of playtime and about 20+ hours of talk-time. At 111gms, it is one of the lightest headphones in the market, and it doesn’t give you a feeling of heavy-head.

Portronics Muffs L Review

The adjustable headband lets you adjust Muffs L to just the right size and get a perfect snug fit. Soft Sweat-resistant PU leather ear-pads have conveniently placed controls for music and phone-calls allowing you to use Muffs L in the gym or while running, easily.

Portronics Muffs L Review Bluetooth Headphones In Budget 1

It is available in stylish cool black color which gels convincingly with all types of outfits and occasions.

Buy This Headphone From Here:

Portronics Muffs L is available at a very attractive price-point ofINR 1,999/- at all leading online and offline stores across India. The offer price is 1,599/- only from here.

Portronics Muffs L Review Bluetooth Headphones In Budget 2



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