Vivek Rajput

Founder & Chief-in-editor, 2017 - present

The Geek, Vivek; started XDAUpdates in his early days but later on he moved to The247tech project for his college with his friends but it didn’t work out then, he worked in WittyFeed, Vatsana as a product manager of GeeksMate after some months he thought of starting from ground again and he came up with his best-girl-friend he introduced the ‘GearsToday’ on board. He has a tech passion including photographs, traveling, and video directions.

Digital Creator

2020 - present

I'm Vivek Rajput, a guy who is a tech enthusiast. I love making films, geeky stuff, life hacks, and tricks. I make short videos on my life hacks to make life easy. Since 2017, I'm into Filmmaking and Digital Marketing.