Throughout the ages, music has magically connected all kinds of people, regardless of class and creed. While it has never discriminated against people, it has influenced generations differently. For example, teenagers are incredibly devoted to music across the globe. A recent Forbes magazine study tells us that American teenagers spend more than thirty hours a week roughly on music streaming on average. Why Is Boult Audio Freepods The Best Wireless Earphone Of 2021? 1

Boult Audio Freepods

While traditional music players are gone now for good, teenagers have dynamic devices to play their music. One such powerful device is the new Boult Audio Freepods. The Boult family has skillfully developed the wireless earphone to provide a combination of quality and convenience. 

  • 24 Hrs. Battery Life
  • Extra Bass
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Voice Command
  • Passive Noise Cancellation
  • IPX7 Water Proof
  • Wake Up & Pair

Eye-Catching Design

The user can buy the wireless earphone online, with two color variants available for selection. The pair contains powerful aesthetics, which can add to the overall personality of the user. Their sleek design will surely turn many heads at a party or in a public spot. The developers provide a compact case that easily fits the top of your palm- allowing you smart portability. 

Why Is Boult Audio Freepods The Best Wireless Earphone Of 2021? 2

Extended Battery

The wireless free pods run are battery-backed, meaning they would need charging once the juice runs out. But powerful product provides 8 hrs. of single playtime with 24 hrs—battery life. Therefore, you can focus on your suspense thrillers on Netflix or enjoy hours-long music jam sessions without disrupting the mood to charge the pods. Additionally, there’s 120H playtime with case and 80H standby & time. 

Powerful Acoustics

The new wireless Bluetooth earphones from Boult provide a distinctive musical experience to the user. The presence of a double mic with a condenser mic, alongside the powerful drives, makes for an immersive acoustic to elevate your mood. The user will get extra bass with precise frequencies to enjoy music as it is supposed to. The powerbuds has been crafted with genuine brilliance and promise premium performance. 

Uninterrupted Audio Support

The passive noise cancellation technology in the pair will allow the user to enjoy music without the extra noise from the surrounding. Furthermore, it can also come in handy during phone calls. Crowded places often mean difficult telephonic experiences. The free pods come with additional layers and padding inside to block out the unwanted noise for quality audio entertainment.

Why Is Boult Audio Freepods The Best Wireless Earphone Of 2021? 3

Waterproof Security

The Boult product is stacked with premium features to provide a thunderous performance each time the user plays some tunes. However, it also boasts IPX7 waterproof technology, meaning the best truly wireless earbuds are immune to water and can retain their best features without necessarily getting damaged. Furthermore, if the weather doesn’t affect your plans, your sweat might step in. Intense gym workout sessions might mean your earbuds are in proximity to sweat. The waterproofing tech will guarantee that the device is not under any threat. 

Several other features need individual elaborations like voice command assistance and Bluetooth support. However, with such an entree of highlighting features, the Boult audio free pods are undoubtedly the best wireless earphone of 2021. 


  1. Freepods is amazing and sound quality superior with power bass performance and battery run 4 to 5 hour with 90 % volume and best feature is touch sensor for song change, pause and forward,. In last value for money


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