Everyone has their motives for finding a mobile phone number to locate others. For parents, they might like to figure out the exact location of their children to ensure their safety. For married couples doubting a situation of unfaithfulness, tracking the position of their partner offers them comfort and happiness. 

Some employers may want to use this approach from time to time to monitor their workers to ensure that they do their job on-the-field. But regardless of the reason, the advanced digital technology generation of today offers the opportunity and versatility to locate your close friends in several ways.

If you’re eager to find out how it works, make sure you’re ready to grab your gear. These successful techniques illustrate that finding someone’s location by cell phone number is not as difficult as it seems.

Spyzie: Find the location in one-go

The new technology has made it infinitely easier to just type in and find the phone number for free. To track a cell phone number and location, various online services are available. Through these programs, one can monitor their lost phone.

For personal, industry, and security purposes, phone trackers can be used successfully. These apps allow a person to locate a phone number via a GPS at any time and anywhere. Sometimes, free resources are limited to a little information about the client. 

Paying monitor applications such as Spyzie will provide a wide variety of results at the same time.


It is used by billions of users in 190+ countries across the world. For its exceptional features, it has been featured by many major news outlets like Forbes, CNET, and TechAdvisor as well. To better understand how it works, check out this site and learn how Spyzie offers users a free live demo.


Spyzie is one of the cell phone trackers that allows the user to sit in a remote location to monitor and track locations. Via the phone number, WhatsApp, or some other social media app running on the phone, it can find the targeted location. If the cell phone has been turned off, it can also recognize SIM cards.

Using their mobile phone number to find someone’s location? (solution for iOS)

The following key steps a user needs to take to find an iPhone with a cell number with Spyzie:

Step 1: 

One needs to build an account and then subscribe to the premium plan for iPhone monitoring. By simply supplying his email ID and a password, the user can get it done.

iphone spyzie

Step 2: 

Once the Spyzie software has been purchased by the customer. To the given account, a confirmation email will be sent. To start tracking, the user will be directed to a webpage. Enter information such as name, age, and targeted device that is required.


To verify the user’s account, iCloud and password must be given. As the targeted mobile platform, select iOS and proceed to the next stage.

Step 3: 

Head over to the web page and press the Start button to get all the information you need about the device’s online control panel. From there, each function will be open.

How to track the number of someone’s phone? (solution for Android)

The method of installing Spyzie on the target Android phone involves three easy steps to sign up, install, and then monitor the location of the mobile phone. Go to this article the procedure is as follows:


Step 1: 

On the Spyzie website, the first step is to sign up. By simply putting in an active email address, it can be done for free. If an individual gets registered and has an account, they can progress to the next stage.

Step 2: 

Downloading the software is the next step. For Android devices, the user has to download and complete the installation process with the application. The activated Stealth Mode on the app will prevent the targeted user from detecting it.


Step 3: 

The individual will be directed to their account to begin the process after installation. The home screen of Spyzie will appear along with the choices to pick. One can start the tracking process through the location choice. The data is collected based on the location of the device via Wi-Fi and GPS.

Advantages in using Spyzie

Spyzie, among others, has many major advantages that make it unique. Some of those characteristics that increase its effectiveness are described below:

  • It enables the user to monitor all iOS and Android devices extensively without rooting or jailbreaking. As rooting/jailbreaking the phone could cause serious security problems, it ensures that user data and identity can remain secure from external threats.
  • The method of installation is simple and user friendly. The web-based control panel is intuitive and ensures the user can easily access the role they want.
  • Spyzie’s stealth mode renders it concealed in the targeted unit. The targeted individual will notice a cell phone tracking app on their phone without it, exposing the identity of the user.

Spyzie’s Features

The following are a few critical features of the Spyzie app:

  • On various social media applications, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and many more, it allows the user quick access to the chat history of the other person.
  • In addition to a simple tracking system, GPS, Wi-Fi, and Sim card tracking are also supported. In the event of reaching the limits set by them, the geo-fence function of the app promptly alerts the user.
  • The browser history feature will give the user access to the targeted device’s frequently visited pages. The user can learn how many times the person has visited a particular website and at what time.


Depending on your needs, there are many efficient choices for you to consider that can provide you with an effective and desirable outcome.

As we pursue new, clever, and swift solutions to our problems, monitoring apps have become part and parcel of the modern world.

Spyzie, with its easy registration, installation, and monitoring procedure, is one of them. Evaluate your needs and the type of data you want for potential use before choosing any app.


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