Everybody wants less stress in their lives, right? If you’ve been wondering how you could fill out your social calendar a bit, but aren’t quite sure how to make that happen, maybe random video chatting is the answer. Not only is it a cinch to hop online and chat with a few strangers during your free time, but random chatting also offers several features that simply make your life easier.

A chat site like Camsurf pretty much has everything you’d need to get started. There’ll be plenty of people to chat with, your safety is guaranteed with anonymous chats, and you can keep going as long as you want. The question is, how does all this compare to everyday interactions? Whether you’re talking with friends or strangers, there’s no denying that a conversation – or friendship – can quickly become complicated. Random video chatting, on the other hand, tends to be a lot more straightforward. Each option has its own strengths and weaknesses, and you’re probably already familiar with the disadvantages of meeting people online. Since there’s already been plenty of words said on that topic, this time we’re going to talk about some of the advantages offered by random video chats.

5 Reasons Why Webcam Chatting is Less Stressful Than Regular Conversation 1

1. You have more freedom to express yourself

Here’s something to think about: how much of your behavior comes from you, and how much is shaped by what other people think of you? For example, if someone’s consistently characterized as shy and sweet, they’re a lot less likely to be flamboyant or chatty if they ever feel like it. For some people, the problem is even more specific. Maybe they don’t like talking about a hobby because their friends will think it’s weird, or they avoid discussing political matters because they’re in the minority.

Well, if you’re random video chatting, you won’t have to care as much about what other people think. You can still expect to get genuine reactions, including a few negative ones, but you don’t have to let it affect you. After all, you’ll never see these people after the chats are ended, so it won’t impact your regular social circles in any way. Besides, you aren’t necessarily doing this in a bid to get some positive feedback; you’re doing it because it feels good, and you may not have the chance to do it elsewhere.

5 Reasons Why Webcam Chatting is Less Stressful Than Regular Conversation 2

2. You’re sure to find people who want to chat with you

What’s the toughest part of a conversation? Probably the part where you get it started. First of all, do they even want to talk to you? If they don’t, it could result in a very awkward (and very short) interaction. Plus, plenty of people probably saw it happen, which makes the situation even worse.

Visit a random chat site, though, and that won’t be an issue – talking with strangers is the reason why everyone’s there to begin with. This isn’t to say that you’re going to find a willing chat partner in every person the algorithm hands you; you’ll still get skipped over by plenty of people. The difference is that there’s absolutely no embarrassment when an anonymous stranger doesn’t select you for their next chat partner. In fact, you’ll probably do it yourself, since not everyone on the site will be enjoyable for you to talk with. Yes, it still technically counts as rejection – but in this case, it hardly stings at all.

3. You don’t feel as much pressure to get it right

Time to talk about how random video chatting may actually help with social anxiety. Yes, you read that right; thanks to a specific feature in the random chats, even someone who normally dreads human interaction could find themselves a bit less stressed while chatting online.

This feature is the “next” button – press it, and your current chat partner will disappear, to be replaced by a new one in a matter of seconds. What does this have to do with social anxiety? Well, if you have a foolproof exit strategy at your fingertips, you won’t be quite so worried that every chat goes just right. If you decide that it’s time to leave, you can leave – and get instantly paired with someone new.

4. You don’t have to worry about being socially acceptable

This isn’t a free pass to be a jerk; rather, it’s an opportunity to interact with people who enjoy much more lenient guidelines. It’s true that some of them will turn out to be jerks, but they’re easy to ignore. What might be a little harder to gloss over, though, are some of the behaviors you’ll notice when you start video chatting. They might seem grating at first, but many of them are actually just a matter of convenience.


Here’s an example: cutting your chat partners off, even if it’s mid-sentence. It happens all the time online, and there’s a good reason for it. Why spend time with anyone you don’t want to chat with anymore? This is for entertainment, after all. Another example would be how blunt some people are. Again, it might rub you the wrong way at first, but honestly – why shouldn’t they be? Chances are, you’ll adjust to the way things work pretty quickly.

5. You’ll have more chat partners than you can shake a stick at

With thousands of users on any given random chat site, you’ll never lack for someone to talk with. Contrast that with the real world, where it could take forever before you get a chance to connect with someone new. With so many potential friends in one place, you won’t have to worry about any single interaction going just right; there’s always another opportunity just a click away.

Whether you’re naturally gregarious, or you have a hard time meeting new people, random chatting could make a great addition to your social life.

While there are plenty of benefits that most people can look forward to, each person’s experience will be unique. So – what do you think your random chat experience could be like?


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