We often feel the need to have uninterrupted communication while using a headphone. The requirement is definitely something that covers a wide range of purposes. Dell has brought for us Headset UC350, which combines exceptional audio clarity with HD wideband voice. Dell headsets are proficient, not only professionally, but also on the personal front. Read on to have an overview of the product. Read the UC350 Review from below.

Dell Professional Stereo Headset UC350 Review 1

Dell UC350 Headsets Design:
This review focuses on all the features that prove Dell Headset UC350 is exactly the thing that should be on your lists. It provides superb audio clarity when you make a call or are listening to your favourite music. It has the HD wideband voice which makes sure that high-quality audio is received on both ends. It also has a Skype certification which makes it professionally sound to be used in conference calls or at your workplace.

The headsets have an inbuilt system which minimizes the background noise. This feature helps you enjoy a crystal-clear sound quality. If you are using these headsets, the person on the other end will be able to listen to the audio from close proximity, even if you are in a crowded place, your voice shall remain uninterrupted.  The headsets are comfortable and are user-friendly. The product comprises of comfortable leatherette ear cushions, that offer passive noise reduction and eliminate high-frequency ambient noise. This classic look of these headsets makes it more of a style statement.

Dell Professional Stereo Headset UC350 Review 2

If you own a company or a brand and are looking forward to giving your employees a comfortable headset for usage, these headsets are a perfect choice due to its Skype certification and noise cancellation. Also, these headsets are light-weighted and aid in hassle-free connection.

Technical Specifications

  • Product Type: Wired Computer Headset.
  • Recommended Use: Computer & smartphone, tablet (with 3.5mm aux-in port).
  • Headphones Form Factor: Circumaural.
  • Sound Output Mode: Stereo.
  • Surround System Class: HD wideband voice.
  • Color: Black.

Dell UC350 Headsets Design:

Dell Headset UC350headphones are simple to use. With the help of the control unit, you can very easily switch the controls and use it according to your need. There is a touch button that covers all functions, such as quick call answering, hanging up and muting the microphone. It works as a plug-in and play headset.

Dell Professional Stereo Headset UC350 Review 3

This classic look of these headsets makes it more of a statement for the class. It looks awesome, give great comfort and rich vocal audio through it.  With the help of the control unit, you can very easily switch the controls and use it according to your usage. There is a touch button for all functions such as quick call answering, hanging up, mute microphone and etc. It is a plug and play headset. So, if you are more of an office person or a brand who is looking forward to giving its employees a good comfortable headset for usage, this is the one.

Dell Professional Stereo Headset UC350 Review 4

These headsets can be carried easily and securely within a case. Dell Headset UC350 is a perfect choice if you are looking for a headset which meets the highest specifications in the industry. They are reliable and comfortable with excellent sound quality.

Dell UC350 Features:

  • Certified for Skype for Business.
  • Passive noise cancellation with Noise-canceling microphone.
  • Control unit for easy call management.
  • Plug & play setup.
  • Enabled Audio Mute
  • Headband/Earpad Material: Leatherette earpads.
  • Frequency Response: 150Hz – 7kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 93.6dB.
  • Impedance: 32 +/-4.8 Ohms @1kHz.
  • Microphone – Boom Arm: Frequency response 100Hz – 10Hz Sensitivity 44 +/-3 dB.
  • Power Source: USB Dongle.
  • Size: D28 x 3.9mm.
  • Service & Support: 3 years Advanced Exchange Service (standalone purchase).

Conclusion for Dell Headset UC350 Review:

Dell Professional Stereo Headset UC350 Review 5

So, to conclude the Dell Headset UC350 review, I would say that the exceptional sound clarity, along with the impeccable quality is something that sticks out for any audiophile. And with its multiple features and stylish form factor, it fits perfectly throughout your day, be it at work or at play. You can take them along with you anywhere, to accessorize your IT all day long.


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