In the last few months, Android gaming has become so popular among the youths. Also, the mid-range android smartphones come with good processors and power. With the help of these good GPUs on budget, the players are now growing speedily. Also, the introduction of multiplayer games brings such joy to users. There are many users who communicate on multi-players games, kids use to play PUBG earlier but after the ban of PUBG mobile, they are now moving to other multiplayer games for phones.

We have made a good list of the best online multiplayer android games that anyone can play without any issues on any smartphone. If you are looking for a new multiplayer game for you then you can also give it a shot from the list.

Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android in 2021

1. Among Us – Best Minimal Multiplayer Games Of 2020

After the release of Fall Guys for PC, Among us has become one of the highly playable games of history. It is an online multiplayer game with amazing dare gameplay. In this, around 4-10 players can play both multiplayer and on local wifi setup.

Best Multiplayer Games Among us

Genre, No of Players: Social Deduction, 4-10 players

Pros of Among Us

  • Social deduction theme
  • Build trust and kill your crewmates
  • Play with up to 10 players

Cons of Among Us

  • No audio chat

Download Among Us For Free

2. PUBG Mobile – Best Battle Royale Multiplayer Games Of the Year 2021

PUBG Mobile is one of the best online multiplayer Android games since its arrival. People play this a lot and it is so popular among the young generation even they play this after the ban in India. There are many Youtube channels running on the PUBG Mobile montages, news etc.

Best Multiplayer Games for Android Free 2021 1

The game comes with a solo mode, a duos mode, and a squad mode. If you want to play a quick match it will take 8 minutes otherwise the matches would take approx 25-30 minutes if you are a good player.

Genre, No of Players: Battle Royale, 100


  • Amazing graphics, Intense battle
  • A long list of armors and weapons
  • Best Multiplayer mode


  • Anti-cheat system could be improved
  • Banned in India

Download PUBG Mobile For free (V1.3)

3. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the old favorites of many players. It is another online multiplayer game for android, ios smartphones. It is a similar game to Clash Of Clans. Clash of Clans is also one of the best online multiplayer strategy games ever in history.

Clash royale multipayer games

Genre, No of Players: Strategy, 4


  • Card-based game, Fun to play
  • Requires strategic skill


  • Progress is slow

Download Clash Royale For Free

4. Call of Duty: Mobile – Best Multiplayer Games For Mobile

This battle royale multiplayer game came up months earlier and fans went crazy for this. This is the mobile version of the ICONIC game, Call of duty. If you are a COD fan, you must give it a try.


This game has a battle royale mode, domination mode, and many other modes to play in. Its battle royale is similar to the PC version of call of duty.

Genre, No of Players: Battle Royale, 100


  • Features other multiplayer games too
  • Compatible with both budget and high-tier devices


  • none.

Download Call of duty mobile for Free

5. Fortnite – Popular Among US Users

Fortnite is also similar to PUBG mobile in terms of its genre. It is also a battle royale game but with funky and cartoonish graphics. This became very popular on PlayStations and pc, later on, it became one of the most played multiplayer games on android.

fortnite best multiplayer games

You can only download this game from Epic games or the Samsung galaxy store. This game does not come on Playstore for now.

Genre, No of Players: Battle Royale, 100


  • High-quality graphics
  • 100-player battle royale
  • Multiple gaming modes
  • Gameplay is excellent


  • Needs high storage
  • Not compatible with all devices

6. Garena Free Fire – Most Played Battle Royale After PUBG Ban

Free fire is a good multiplayer game for low-end devices and yet very effective in its gameplay. There are many streamers who play Free fire for fun and nowadays free is one of the best multiplayer games in India and the Aisa.Freefire multipayer games

Genre, No of Players: Battle Royale, 49


  • 49-player battle royale
  • Loot and shoot
  • Supports in-game voice chat


  • Weapons are limited
  • An anti-cheating system does not seem to work

Download Free Fire For Free From Playstore

7. Genshin Impact

This is one of the hard multiplayer games you will ever play. To unlock the multiplayer in this game you need to reach the adventure Rank 16. When you reach this stage the multiplayer mode gets unlocked and you can play with three friends.

Genshin Impact multipayer games

This game is also awarded as the best iPhone game of the year 2020. If you are looking for multiplayer games in the adventure category then this is the game for you.

Genre, No of Players: Adventure, 4


  • Exceptional graphics, Compelling background music, Cross-platform play


  • Should reach Level 16 to unlock multiplayer mode

Download this game for free from here

8. 8 Ball Pool – Best Multiplayer Games For Pool

One of the most popular games from our college days is here. It is the most played online multiplayer game ever. If you are into pool games then this is the one for you.

8 ball pool multipayer games

Genre, No of Players: Pool game, 8


  • Gameplay syncs quite well, Excellent shot precision and timing, Earn coins


  • There are some noticeable bugs

Download 8 Ball Pool Game For Free

9. Mortal Kombat X – Best Fighting Multiplayer Games

Mortal Kombat X multipayer games

This game is quite similar to the Tekken game that we all played in our childhood. The characters are divided into 3 worlds, such as Earthrealm, Netherrealm, and the outworld realm. Each character has its superpower and abilities to beat everyone. If you have watched the Mortal Kombat movie then maybe you want to give this online multiplayer game a try.

Genre, No of Players: Action, 2


  • Top-notch graphics
  • Easy to get started for newcomers


  • Campaigns are short

Download Mortal Kombat X For Free

10. Asphalt 9: Legends – Best Racing Multiplayer Games Of 2021

asphalt 9 multipayer games

Genre, No of Players: Racing, 8


  • Multiplayer mode, Exceptional graphics
  • Controls are very responsive


  • Can’t move away from danger

Download Asphalt 9 For Free

Conclusion For The Best Multiplayer Games For Mobile

These were the best online multiplayer games for now. If you know any more amazing multiplayer games then you can let us know. You can also ping us on Instagram or other social media apps.


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