Live Stream In Budget Like PRO

Hey, what’s up, guys. Today we will be learning how you can Live stream in the budget like a pro without Elgato. We will also tell you how to setup streamlabs from start. This setup will cost you around 10$ or 500 Indian Rupees Only, that’s why it is called as Live Stream In Rs 500 Only or Live Stream In Budget 2020. Let’s start with which things do you need before setting up the live stream.

What Do You Need For Live Stream In Budget?

  1. A Laptop or A desktop. (Prefer a gaming laptop)
  2. ApowerMirror App For PC, Streamlabs For PC.
  3. A Smartphone.
  4. AUX Cable
  5. USB Cable
  6. Sound Card
  7. Headset

Watch Full Guide How To Live Stream In Budget 2020?

Steps For Live Stream In Budget 2020?

  1. Download & Install Apowermirror and Streamlabs in your PC.
  2. Download Apowermirror on your smartphone.
  3. Connect your phone to PC and allow all permissions so that you can mirror your phone screen to a laptop or PC.
  4. After successfully connecting the video, let’s add a mirrored screen in streamlabs.
  5. Click Add sources and add “Window Source”, then choose the “Apowermirror Main” window to see your game on streamlabs screen.
  6. Again add “Media Source and choose the bottom layer for live stream”.
  7. Now, Connect the audio from the phone to the PC.
  8. Use a sound card or mic in to send the ingame audio to pc and add source “Audio Input Source” in streamlabs. Plug the AUX-in mic-in of soundcard or mic in PC and plug another end in the phone for successful transmit.
  9. Now, edit the default mic/aux setting in the audio panel and choose your headset.
  10. That’s it, you are good to go. For streaming settings please refer to the video.

These are some important steps to follow if you want to live stream in budget and you don’t want to use Elgato to stream. But always prefer going with Elgato for a more real-time experience. With a budget setup, you won’t feel that much professional, however with this live streaming setup you will be able to stream successfully like a pro but it will lag some times. This Live Stream in budget will help you do live streaming at very low cost. If you are a techie then probably you will find all items in your home else you can get the USB sound card, AUX cable from the store for a very low price.

PROS of Live Stream In Budget 2020?

  1. Huge money savings.
  2. Smooth quality for Castings.
  3. Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  4. More portable.
  5. Easy to setup.

CONS of Live Stream In Budget 2020?

  1. You May face lags while streaming games.
  2. May listen to the ingame audio after an ms response.

Personal Recommendation For Live Stream Budget Setup:

Many of you are looking forward to How to live stream in the budget in 2020, in this video I have used normal products to stream PUBG Mobile Live. I’ve also explained what are the things needed and how any new one can set up the live stream in streamlabs without Elgato. I can not afford Elgato So, I don’t use Elgato for live stream. But Elgato is important for seamless transmission as it is a dedicated game capture card to capture the game and transmit it to the laptop. But this is the best possible way to Live stream in a cheap budget.

You can Live Stream PUBG Mobile, you can record your PUBG Mobile gameplays and etc. You don’t even need a gaming headset for this Budget Live Stream Setup, all standard things will work smoothly. Also, this is a live streaming setup Hindi. I named it as a live stream in 500 rupees only. You can also call it how to stream pubg mobile without Elgato in 2020. At the end of the video, I’ve explained what settings do you need to live stream if you’re having a good internet connection. – Said XGOD Gaming in his video.

Other than these I did not find any issues with the live stream in budget setup. If you guys want to try live streaming then must follow this before going to buy Elgato.


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