Snapdragon 875 Antutu Performance

It is obvious that Snapdragon will bring a more advanced processor after the release of Apple’s A14 Bionic chipset. The Snapdragon Tech Summit 2020 will be happening in the first week of December. Qualcomm is likely to release the Snapdragon 875 and more new mobile chipsets.

As before the release we have got so many leaks and many things. As per new benchmarks we have seen that Qualcomm is cooking a new processor that we might see coming in next month. The chipset scores more numbers than the A14 Bionic, Kirin 9000, and Exynos 2100.

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Snapdragon 875 AnTuTu Performance

Snapdragon 875 scores approx 850,000 in the AnTuTu benchmark application. Here, Snapdragon 875 is beating the Apple A14 Bionic chipset.

Snapdragon 875 Antutu Score PerformanceThe Snapdragon 875 is here and many internet sources have confirmed that it brings the banger to the mobile chipset market. The Snapdragon 875 is better than the A14 Bionic, this thing is quite hard to process. We all know Apple works hard and brings new technology in terms of newer configurations and more.  It is also said that Apple may use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X60 5G Modem. They may be dropping the modems from Samsung.

Snapdragon 875 VS A14 Bionic

If we compare the Snapdragon 875 VS A14 Bionic, we can see there is a huge difference between the AnTuTu scores. The iPhone 12 series didn’t even cross the 600,000 marks on the AnTuTu benchmark app. Whereas the Snapdragon 865 easily beats the A14 Bionic running in iPhone 12 series.

  Apple A14 Bionic Snapdragon 875
CPU Dual-cluster Hexa-core (2x Lightning cores Up to 3.1 GHz4x Thunder efficiency cores)CPU Architecture: 64-bit
  • CPU Clock Speed: Up to 3.1 GHz
  • CPU Cores:  Qualcomm Kryo 685 CPU
  • CPU Architecture: 64-bit
GPU Apple-designed new 4-core GPU Adreno 660, 900MHz
Process 5nm TSMC 5nm EUV
NPU 16-core Neural Engine Qualcomm Hexagon 698
Modem 5G / LTE 5G Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon™ X60 Modem-RF System
5G Spectrum: Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS), mmWave, sub-6 GHz
5G mm-Wave specs: 800 MHz bandwidth, 8 carriers, 2×2 MIMO
5G sub-6 GHz specs: 200 MHz bandwidth, 4×4 MIMO
5G Peak Download Speed: 7.5 Gbps
Multi-SIM features: Global 5G multi-SIM
5G Peak Upload Speed: 3 Gbps
Transistor 11.8 billion N/A
Geekbench Single-Core: 1,658
Multi-Core: 3,930
Single-Core: 917
Multi-Core: 3,331
Antutu N/A N/A
ISP Apple-designed ISP Spectra 480 dual-core ISP

Snapdragon 875 Vs a14 comparison features

Snapdragon VS Exynos 2100

There are possibilities that Exynos 2100 may compete with the Snapdragon 875 but remember Kirin 9000 has quite amazing specs though. Again we can not say that Snapdragon 875 will be the faster mobile chipset among smartphones.

According to a roadmap, we all can say that almost all flagship chipsets will now be configured on 5nm technology. Samsung may handle the upcoming $850 million 5nm orders for Qualcomm.

Samsung will soon announce its Galaxy S21 series. We may see this S21 series in January 2021. They will be powered by Exynos 2100 for a Head to head competition. Although right now, Apple’s A14 Bionic is the faster mobile chipset in the market.



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