Before comparing Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11. Know this, Recently, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 845 performance. From the point of running software, 845 overall performance compared to the previous generation 835 increased by 30% and iPhone X test comparison overall performance higher than the latter. Which means 2018’s flagship Android product, performance or catch up with iPhone X.

Snapdragon 845 is about innovation, immersive experience, artificial intelligence, security, connectivity and performance, as well as the use of experience, the six major items to talk about.

Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11 Bionic Chip With iPhone X Scores 1
Snapdragon 845 mobile platform internal structure.

The configuration of Snapdragon 845:

Snapdragon 845 processor using 10-nanometer LPP process technology, which uses the graphics processor Adreno 630 (GPU). The maximum download speed of 1.2GHz X20 LTE modem, WiFi, video graphics Processor Spectra 280 (ISP), and Hexagon 685 coprocessor (DSP), using Qualcomm Aqstic Audio sound quality, CPU with four 2.8GHz cores + four 1.8GHz cores + 2MB cache Kryo 385 CPU , Built-in mobile security chip, the other in 845 a new piece of independent memory.

Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11 Benchmark Scores:

Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11 Bionic Chip With iPhone X Scores 2

Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11, Snapdragon 845 is the first SoC to support six-degree-of-freedom indoor location and instant location and map construction.

In short, using the Snapdragon 845 processor to play virtual reality products will identify obstacles in the front and alert users.

Artificial intelligence is also one of the features of Snapdragon 845, it is somewhat different from the current AI chip. Qualcomm thinks the independent chip may consume a lot of processor power loss, thermal energy, and that the use of 845 processor terminal features. By mobilizing the various modules in the module to mobilize artificial intelligence to handle the power consumption.

Currently, the Snapdragon Nerve Processing Engine (SNPE) SDK is compatible with Google’s TensorFlow and Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence networks.

Qualcomm said that life equipped with Snapdragon 845 mobile devices to support QC4.0 fast charging, the official said the use of QC4.0 charge 15 minutes full 50%. At the same time through the AI 845 also save more electricity.

Qualcomm introduced, shooting 4K ultra-high-definition video life of up to 4 hours, to wireless VR all-in-one device to bring more than 3 hours of battery life, more than 3 hours display of wireless VR all-in-one experience, support for more than 2 days of ultra-high definition voice calls.

Network connectivity is Qualcomm’s expertise This generation of Snapdragon 845 processor equipped with X20 LTE modems that support multi-gigabit Wi-Fi, the peak speed can be increased by 20%, the highest access to 1.2Gbps per second, basically only 3 Minute time can be lower 3GB HD movie.


We again use Geekbench for testing, it is worth mentioning that this application is also found iPhone “frequency reduction door” application. It not only supports iOS, Android and Windows, macOS, Linux and other systems.

Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11 Geekbench Score:

Snapdragon 845 VS Apple A11 Bionic Chip With iPhone X Scores 3

Both use Geekbench to run the score. Still, the Snapdragon 845 (left) compares with the A11 processor (right) used by the iPhone X, and the Apple A-Series is still its strength and still ahead of the 845.

Single-core performance is particularly clear that nearly 8 times more than 845, multi-core performance, but there is still a hot pursuit of A11 and there is still a gap.

Of course, running only measure the overall performance of the processor is not the only Qualcomm for the Snapdragon 845 more emphasis on the user’s comprehensive experience, such as artificial intelligence, data security or good network connectivity and so on, so when We got the cell phone equipped with Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, it will find its excellent.

It is reported that Xiaomi will be the world’s first MWC (World Mobile Congress) based SD 845 mobile platform Mi MIX 2S make the global debut.


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