Snapdragon 835 was the 2017’s flagship processor. What about 2018? Qualcomm is back in town with Snapdragon 845 performance processor. It will be the flagship processor of 2018 for high-end smartphones like LG G7, Samsung Galaxy S9, Google Pixel 3 XL etc.

We got some benchmark scores from the leakers. They are just amazing, it feels so satisfactory that new and faster processor is coming soon.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Performance vs Snapdragon 835 Performance

SoCSnapdragon 845Snapdragon 835
  1. 4x Kryo 385 Gold (A75 derivative) @ 2.8GHz 4x256KB L2
  2. 4x Kryo 385 Silver (A55 derivative) @ 1.77GHz 4x128KB L2
  3. 2MB L3 in DSU
  1. 4x Kryo 280 Gold (A73 derivative) @ 2.45GHz 2MB L2
  2. 4x Kryo 280 Silver (A53 derivative) @ 1.90GHz
  3. 1MB L2
GPUAdreno 630Adreno 540 @ 670/710MHz
  1. 4x 16-bit CH @ 1866MHz
  2. LPDDR4x
  3. 29.9GB/s
  4. 3MB system cache
  1. 4x 16-bit CH @ 1866MHz
  2. LPDDR4x
  3. 29.9GB/s
  1. Dual 14-bit Spectra 280 ISP
  2. 1x 32MP or 2x 16MP
  1. Dual 14-bit Spectra 180 ISP
  2. 1x 32MP or 2x 16MP
  1. 2160p60 10-bit H.265
  2. 720p480
  1. 2160p30 (2160p60 decode)
  2. 1080p120 H.264 & H.265
Integrated Modem
  1. Snapdragon X20 LTE (Category 18/13)
  2. DL = 1200Mbps
  3. 5x20MHz CA, 256-QAM
  4. UL = 150Mbps
  5. 2x20MHz CA, 64-QAM
  1. Snapdragon X16 LTE (Category 16/13)
  2. DL = 1000Mbps
  3. 3x20MHz CA, 256-QAM
  4. UL = 150Mbps
  5. 2x20MHz CA, 64-QAM
Mfc. Process10nm LPP10nm LPE
Specs sheet by AnandTech - All rights reserved.

We know it will take some time for the new flagship smartphones to come. Snapdragon shared new design and processor specs as of reference. The Snapdragon 845 uses the Cortex-A75 and A55 based CPU core design. There are four blocks and they are no longer in cluster forms. It will be the first chipset to support DyanmIQ which allows voltage and frequency control.

The Snapdragon 845 performance has 2.8Ghz as the default maximum frequency. Even though Snapdragon 835 has 2.47Ghz as the default higher frequency yet no company used that frequency in their smartphones.

However, Snapdragon 845 processor shows huge improvements in both integer and floating point tasks. This new chip is built on a 10nm LPP process. This chip allows slightly higher clock speed for similar power usage.

Snapdragon 845 performance in Geekbench 4 score shows the single threaded and multi-threaded benchmarks.

New GPU in Snapdragon 845 Processor

The new GPU that is Adreno 630 is very impressive as well. GFXBench posted its and Apple’s latest GPU which stands great. The reference half design is quite similar to Huawei’s Kirin 970 which powers the Mate 10 pro.

Snapdragon 845 is going to be the fastest chipset for the Android smartphones in 2018. Yet, Samsung is about to release the Exynos 9810 benchmark sheet very soon for a tough competition. Note: Report is generated on bases of AnandTech post.


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