It is 2019 already, Asus has already shared their one of the best ZenBook machines in CES 2019. Now, Asus is launching their ultra-compact Asus Zenbook 14 UX433F laptop in India. In this ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review, we will review the ZenBook UX433FN i7-8565U variant. Let’s find out if this ZenBook 14 is good or just okay.

This ZenBook UX433FN is compact and looks classic in its own way. It has a supportive MX150 Graphics card for mid kind of load work such as games and editing softwares. You can easily use this machine for editing purposes including gaming too.

ZenBook UX433FN Review: Design & Build Quality

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 1

It looks great, right? The display is awesome as the bezels are very less in it which makes it looks great. Even though the top and chin both are very less. Asus says it has an Ergolift hinge mechanism.

Asus has mentioned that this laptop is a Military standard compliant approved to be precise MIL-STD-810G is the number if you ask us. You can lean the display to 150 degrees easily. Considering the build quality it is very good by far with the tests. ZenBook 14 offers a glass covered display and there is a matte finish variant available too. The laptop is light in weight, compact in size and powerful in term of semi-pro levels.

Watch ZenBook UX433FN 14 Video:

Speaking of sound, the speakers are present at the bottom and they are powerful. Even though, we compared them with the MacBook Pro, and surprisingly these one sound better. The laptop is clean and minimal though. You can call it a perfect piece of design for a decorative person including those lifestyle or fashion artists.

It is available in three different colors Royal Blue, Icicle Silver and Rose Gold. Now it depends on you which one is suitable for you accordingly. The Blue looks more of an any other ZenBook series laptop because of the default Royal Blue color that Asus provides. This one is extremely portable too even though it is lighter than the MacBook Air and much easy to carry in same statements.

ZenBook 14 Review: Trackpad & Keyboard

The touchpad is slightly smaller on this machine but presents at the center of the palm area. It still looks good, it works with precision drivers which works well with swipes, gestures and taps. It still is the so far one of the best machines with the touchpad.

Keeping in mind, It works like the touch NumPad and works great with the requirements. You can enable the NumPad from the right top of the touchpad.

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 2

Asus has used different kinds of keys on their laptops some were better and others were okish. On this laptop, keys are pretty decent and better than others. The layout is good, soft finished keys. Arrows are short, power is present on the top right just like the MacBooks.

This is a short-travel keyboard, with 1.4 mm keystrokes, but the keys are good enough with the regular types. You will get used to it if you start working on it. Keys has less sound and works with low noise. You can choose these keys for the low-noise environments.Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 3

The keys are backlit, with three intensity levels of leys brightness. You won’t be able to see the light while working on the touchpad. There may be settings if you need to enable them but that’s okay. It saves the battery.

This time, there is no fingerprint sensor is there on the machine. It has the IR hello camera for easy login into windows. The IR camera depends on which model you purchase.

ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review: Ports

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 4

It’s a choice on this machine for the ports. There are USB-A slot, USB-C slot, and an HDMI 1.4 connector. There is no Thunderbolt 3 support, no full-size card reader and no USB-C charging support. There is a microSD card on the right of the machine. Also, you will get the LAN adapter inside the box that will save yours for ethernet connectivity.

ZenBook 14 Review: Screen Quality

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 5

This laptop comes with a 14-inch display which looks stunning but without touch. With a layer of glass on top of the panel makes it much better in glare environments. It’s a good screen overall in its terms. The screen is the AU Optronics B140HAN03.2 which is a mid-range panel but with around 300 nits brightness which is not very bright but decent enough. Contrast and colors are good, but for that, you need to tweak the gamma, white point, and grey levels.

We have tested it with Sypder 4 Sensor and here are the results:

  • Panel HardwareID: AU Optronics AUO323D.
  • Coverage: 97% sRGB, 71% NTSC, 75% AdobeRGB.
  • Measured gamma: 2.3.
  • Max brightness in the center of the screen: 291 cd/m2 on power.
  • Contrast at max brightness: 840:1.
  • White point: 8400 K.
  • Black on max brightness: 0.35 cd/m2.

ZenBook 14 UX433FN Review: Hardware & Performance

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 6

The variant we review had Whiskey Lake Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a 512GB SSD and the Max-Q variant of the Nvidia MX150 2GB dedicated graphics card chip. There are different variants are available too if you want to get a 256GB or 512GB SSD depends on the pricing. The 512GB SSD variant has got the Western Digital SSD with it.

The Storage on the laptop is replaceable but it will void the warranty. It would be great if you get it serviced from the service center. You have to check if you are getting an i5 variant or the i7 variant because the Whiskey Lake is much better with the higher turbo clock speed.

We have tested the performance score of CPU with the help of Cinebench R15 which varied from 620 to 540 from out of the box to the established processes. Also, the turbo speed varied from 2.3 to 2.6 GHz at a TDP of 14-18W with the temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius.

Here are some of the results from the above tests:

3DMark 11: P3792 (Graphics: 3544, Physics: 5997).
3DMark 13 – Fire Strike: 2546 (Graphics – 2869, Physics – 5516).
3DMark 13 – Time Spy: 935 (Graphics – 847, CPU – 2277).
PCMark 08: Home Conventional – 3616;
PCMark 10: 4137.
PassMark: Rating: 4440, CPU mark: 9830, 3D Graphics Mark: 2400.
GeekBench 3.4.2 32-bit: Single-Core: 4219, Multi-core: 13781.
GeekBench 4.1.1 64-bit: Single-Core: 5169, Multi-core: 15089.
CineBench R15: OpenGL 93.77 fps, CPU 632 cb, CPU Single Core 182 cb.
x264 HD Benchmark 4.0 32-bit: Pass 1 – 153.94 fps, Pass 2 – 35.04 fps.

This variant comes with a Max-Q variant of the MX150 graphics chip inside it. It gives an awesome boost to the performance of the laptop. The laptop works smoothly in a day to day tasks including high-performance editings too.

ZenBook 14 Review: Usage Experience

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 7Now, speaking of the usage, the single fan and the single heat pipe works good and maintains the decorum of the laptop. The fan on this laptop remains low in the day to day tasks and when you switch to performance mode it will rotate like a cooling machine.

There is an Intel 9560 wireless module inside it with a Bluetooth 5.0 and quite updated things. So far for the speakers, it works great and has an awesome sound quality. It is because they have added the speakers slightly on the forward side which makes it more sound friendly in comparison of other laptops.

There is a 720p camera which is friendly to Hello cameras for faster connectivity during unlocks. The screen has an array of near-field microphones. The standard camera is just an average camera but the IR camera is very useful for flexibility.

ZenBook 14 Review: Battery

Asus ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review (Core i7-8565U, MX150 Max-Q) 8

There is a 50 Wh battery inside the Zenbook UX433FN which works nearby average for the regular usage but it goes less with the graphics chip usage. We would recommend you to use the laptop on around 130nits (30-35%) during the battery usage for the better results. Here are the results that you might like just for knowledge purposes:

  • 6.3 W (~8 h of use) – text editing in Google Drive, Better Battery Mode, screen at 30%, Wi-Fi ON.
  • 5.6 W (~9 h of use) – 1080p fullscreen video on Youtube in Edge, Better Battery Mode, screen at 30%, Wi-Fi ON.
  • 5.4 W (~ 9 h 15 min of use) – 4K fullscreen .mkv video in the Movie app, Better Battery Mode, screen at 30%, Wi-Fi ON.
  • 5.9 W (~8 h 25 min of use) – Netflix fullscreen in Edge, Better Battery Mode, screen at 30%, Wi-Fi ON.
  • 12.5 W (~4 h of use) – browsing in Edge, Better Performance Mode, screen at 30%, Wi-Fi ON.

With the given power brick it took around 2 hours for the full charge of the laptop. There is a USB-C gen2 port which is simply not good for this connectivity because it lacks charging via USB port.

Price For The Zenbook 14:

The Zenbook 14 UX433F series is already available in some parts of the globe from mid-November 2018. But in India, it is launching on 30th of January, 2019.

In India, the ZenFone 14 UX433FN i7-8thgen model is priced at Rs 100,990 only. There is also a Core i5-8 gen model of this ZenBook 14 which is priced at Rs 89,990 in India. 

ZenBook UX433FN 14 Review Conclusion:

We can not say directly that the ZenBook UX433FN, is perfect or not but for sure it is a preferred choice for the things it gives. The best thing about this machine is that it is ultra-compact, portable and convenient. As the best compact daily driver, it gets the pass for the daily lifestyle people. It has a good keyboard, good screen also quite amazing speakers.

So far to the end, the Zenbook UX433FN is a great one but if you don’t want to spend less amount of money then you can check some of the Asus VivoBooks we have reviewed on GearsToday.



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