Google is working on next Android upgrade. But do you know Android P will support many new features? We will be discussing new Android P features which recently got leaked. iPhone X started the notch thing in this market. Yet, not everyone got happy.

The Android Oreo 8.1 is quite a fast fix with features but it is not stable with other phones. Google has improved the battery, there are multiple screens. Few manufacturers made the foldable display phones. The Android P will fix these all customizations.

In 2018, the main goal of Google is to give stable and smooth upgrades in new Android. Google has release Pixel lineup to take over the iPhone but we don’t think they did well.

Android P Features

Android P Features:

  1. Supports Notch displays.
  2. Dual display support.
  3. Better battery life with background optimization.
  4. Lock screen enhancements.
  5. Theme support officially.

Android is the most used Android system across the globe. Only high-end users use Apple and that’s the reason Apple smartphones are so costly. Now, Android is coming with the new design and much more. People can actually get high-end experience with the Android system.

Why are old Androids not secure?

The Android pushes the update every month just to update the security patch. Globally only 40% androids are secure with latest security patches. Companies like Samsung and etc are pushing the new updates too to make the phones secure. In Android P, developers can use Google Assistant SDK into their applications to make the AI based.


Are you ready for Android P? These were few leaked Android P features for you in our article.


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