You all are well aware of Asus’s Vivobook series laptops. We have done a couple of VivoBook’s reviews on our website. If you are wishing to read them please search out. In this article we will talk about the VivoBook S14 S430, the more funky model of VivoBook S410. VivoBook S14 S430 gives, more stylish feel to the addition. It is great for youths and the majority of students. It has thin bezels, new hinge, coloured textures and dual storage system.

Design & Display VivoBook S14 S430 Review:

It looks like a completely new laptop because of the new colour complement. The VivoBook as a metallic finish.  The laptop is just 1.4kg and is 18mm sleek. You will be able to fit this in your casual bag-pack too. Asus has not provided any case with the machine. The laptop has a 14-inch display in a 13-inch panel which is great.

The VivoBook S14 has a Full HD 1920×1080 matte finish display with fewer bezels. Also, VivoBook S15 has a 15.6-inch display with the 14-inch panel. The screen is bright enough inside. You need to up the screen brightness while you use the laptop outside. It is pretty decent for editing photos and videos too. Also, the lid of the laptop is not that tuff so you have to be very careful.

Also, if your Eyes strain a lot then go to the Asus’ eye care mode which enables the screen nice and yellow. You can use the internet a lot if you are on to the media industry. 

Ports In VivoBook S14 S430:

The laptop has a famous Ergolift hinge which surely looks cool on this laptop. It lifts the 3.5° upside. It too comes with a green colour, star grey, silver blue, gunmetal and gold options. There are three USB Type A’s, one Type C 3.1, an HDMI port, headphone jack and a MicroSD card slot. 

The keyboard on this VivoBook S14 is just in between not too dull and not too punchy. The matte finish on the keys looks great. We would say that it is good with backlit keys.

There is a glass on the trackpad with a silver ring around it. It works great with four-fingered multi-gesture while switching applications and screens of the desktop.

The fingerprint works great with the Windows Hello. But it is not faster than the smartphone.

Performance In VivoBook S14 S430:

Asus is providing the latest generation (8th) with the i3/i5/i7 variant in just around 55K INR. You’ll get the Intel’s UHD Graphics 620 for i5 variant and a Nvidia GeForce MX150 with the i7 variant. There is a maximum 12GB DDR4 RAM  with the dual storage 256GB SATA3 SSD and 1TB Firecuda HDD. We felt it’s a great deal for the price.

Almost everything from Chrome to Photoshop works smooth. Even though Chrome runs multiple tabs without any issue. If you play some good games on it like Fifa, CS or other games they work great. 

Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat Reader and basic video editing ran smooth and didn’t stutter or demand more power. Using Google Chrome with multiple tabs open wasn’t a problem and web pages opened quickly too. If it didn’t, go annoy your Wi-Fi guy.

What About The Battery & Speakers In VivoBook S14 S430?

This machine has a 42 Whrs 3-cell Lithium-prismatic battery which is able to give you around 6hrs without any issues. On an average, we get around 5 hrs without any issue during the multimedia consumption regularly.  If you want a better performance then you can switch to better performance. It also comes with fast charging if you want an extra bonus with it.

This laptop comes with an Asus SonicMaster tech with surround effects and much more. The speakers have 2x high-quality stereo speakers. The speakers are decent and good for regular use. There are a headphone jack, Bluetooth and other standard connectivity options.

What Is The Conclusion For VivoBook S14 S430?

Asus has done a great job there in this machine. If you want to buy a new one then you can buy it and if you have the older version then you are good with it. It has an awesome screen, dual storage and a decent battery.  It is great for students. The Asus Vivobook is good with price too for the specs. 

It is a great combination of power, style and excellent performance. Rest the is on you. If you want to grab one you can get it from here.



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