Recently, HP has launched the Omen X notebook that has the mechanical keyboard with 2.5mm key travel Also, there is an RGB LED on each key. They display has a 144hz and 120hz refresh rate. As of Omen X hands on you will get an overclocked CPU, GPU and RAID 0 configured SSD storage.

Omen X Laptop Hands-On Video:

Omen X Laptop Key features:

  1. It has an Omen Command Center Software.
  2. It is powered by Intel 7th generation unlocked Intel Core i7 CPU options.
  3. Also a factory-overclocked graphics cards up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080.
  4. For storage RAID 0 SSD option, PCIe SSD+HDD options or a standalone 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD option and an enhanced thermal management.

HP has claimed the Omen X Laptop to be VR ready on all configurations and equipped with features like mechanical and RGB LED-per key backlit keyboard, independent, programmable macro keys; and, N-Key rollover on every key for anti-ghosting functions.

It features a 17-inch diagonal FHD display, 120Hz & 144 Hz display options, DTS Headphone support, HP Audio Boost custom lighting and an aluminium finish.

Omen X Desktop:

The OMEN X desktop features the latest graphics technology up to dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 and up to dual AMD Radeon R9 Fury X. It is also, powered by an Intel Core i9 processor which has overclocking configurations with a VR-ready GPU.

Omen X Series Pricing:

  • The Omen X Compact Desktop with VR Backpack is available now starting at Rs 294,988.
  • The Omen X desktop will be available from June 2018, starting at Rs 449,999.
  • The Omen X notebook is available from 20th March 2018, starting at Rs 210,990.
  • The HP Windows MR Headset is available now starting at Rs 51,187.
  • The Omen Headset 800 is available at Rs 6,999.
  • The Omen Mouse 600 is available at Rs 4,999.

This is it on our side. Hp has launched this Omen X series and products to regain the gaming market. Let’s how much it will help out HP in gaming in the competition of Rog Series.


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