Just like hiring an iOS developer, hiring the top android app developer is a complex and long process. With some of the available experts on the local market and also limited budget plans, it becomes difficult to choose any one among the lot. In case you have started the development process already and need to add the person to the team while in the middle of the project, then things might get more confusing.

In case you need the help of a really skilled developer to join your team, then this simple guide might be a good helping hand. Here, you will go through the entire hiring process and learn more about the qualifications that Android developers must-have.

The skills to watch out for:

You might be on the venture to look for someone who can fine-tune little things or can govern the entire development-based process. Depending on the needs, you get to hire Android developers with so many skill levels, like junior, middle, or even senior.

  • The junior android developer will have less than three years of basic experience. He has not been fully accustomed to developing complex apps and worked as an assistant to middle and senior developers.
  • Then you have the middle android developer with 3+ years of experience. Such a person has been associated with complex android projects and has the knowledge to work independently.
  • The final call is with the senior android developer with more than 5 years of working experience. The person over here will lead, supervise and consult some of the larger projects. He will be the one to occupy the Team Lead position and will guide the juniors under him to work well.

Furthermore, you can expect to get the best android app development services from the senior android developers mostly. So, check-in with companies, where the teams will have at least one senior android developer to lead the entire team. When you have an experienced professional by your side to handle your project, you don’t have to worry about its final product then.

Know everything about Java:

Java is one programming language, which will underpin all Android developments. For those who have gained most of their programming-based knowledge in languages like Ruby, Script, or Java, there might be one learning curve to pick up Java for the first time. Java is object-oriented but also quite strict with the ways it will handle data types. 

Developers have to be pretty thoughtful with code, defining data types with their applications, and allocate scarce memory resources too. So, be sure to check in with android developers with years of experience and full knowledge of Java. Java ensures that there is no confusion about the task that component of your application is trying to cover. So, learning about this programming language is a crucial step for all android developers in the market.

Get help from experts:

Checking out these points will help you to come across the beat android developer for any upcoming app-based project. Create a list of more than five developers at least before narrowing it down to the final one.


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