Whatsapp cybercrime

Nowadays, many people are receiving video calls from unknown numbers. As soon as the receiver takes the call, a video of a nude girl is played on the screen. After some time, the call is abruptly disconnected. Shortly afterward, the scamsters send Whatsapp text with a screen recording of the video call from the same unknown number.

How WhatsApp Is Becoming Home To Cyber Crime And Extortion 1

If someone has already blocked the number before receiving the Whatsapp text, the scamsters send the screen recording of the video call on Whatsapp via another unknown number. Then, they threaten the victims that they have contact numbers of their relatives & friends and they will send the screen recording of the victim’s video call with a nude girl to their relatives & friends. They also threaten that they will upload the screen recording on various platforms on the internet & make it viral. The scamsters use such threats and blackmail to extort money. They give their UPI IDs or bank details to extort money. It is also called “Cyber Sextortion”.

How WhatsApp Is Becoming Home To Cyber Crime And Extortion 2

Many times, scamsters chat with victims in enticing language to trap them. When the victims get attached to the scamster & fall into their trap, the scamsters compel the victims for sex chat on video call.

How WhatsApp Is Becoming Home To Cyber Crime And Extortion 3

Such horrible attacks are rampant these days and whatsapp is an easy platform for such scamsters. Innocent people are framed, their careers & family relations are threatened to be destroyed and their hard earned money is looted.

How WhatsApp Is Becoming Home To Cyber Crime And Extortion 4

How can we avoid such scamsters?

Never befriend any unknown person via WhatsApp. Never receive a video call on Whatsapp with an unknown number. If you accept the call, immediately cover the front camera of your phone with your hand so that your face is not captured. Even if your face is captured and you are trapped, inform the police without hesitation.

It should also be kept in mind that this is not necessarily limited to Whatsapp. You can receive similar calls on any messenger like Telegram, Skype, etc.

Sometimes, people receive sex chat requests on Facebook messenger and the scamsters ask people’s Whatsapp numbers to continue the sex chat.

You should be careful on Facebook too. Fake accounts are created on Facebook to trap people & do cyber sextortion. Never accept friend or messenger requests from unknown people. Keep your Facebook ID locked and block shady accounts to safeguard yourself.

Reference: Anshul Saxena (Cyber Security Specialist)


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