Huawei recently started teasing the launch of Its P20 Pro in India. They just announced this on their official Twitter account. We have attached the tweet below. It is clear that P20 is coming to India but it is more expected that P20 P20 will land in India soon.

According to the video, it is clear that P20 Pro is coming to India. As such there are no official confirmations of the launch dates but they are releasing sooner.

We can expect a launch in early May 2018 in India.

While we don’t have the complete or exclusive information but as per the official tweet, it is coming.

Huawei P20 And P20 Pro All Set To Launch In India 1

Huawei P20 and P20 Pricing // Expected:

Huawei P20 will cost you around 30-35,000 Indian Rupees and P20 Pro will cost you around 59,000 INR in India.

Huawei/Honor has been India for many years now, Only Honor is quite famous in India we are not sure if people will trust the Huawei branding in India in terms of smartphone.

Also, this will the first and comple launch in India from Huawei. In Xiaomi, people are not more into the Mi series smartphones. They look more for Redmi phones or the phones which cost them around 15,000 rupees only. There are very less chances for a phone that will cost them 35,000 from such brands.


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