Yesterday, I attended Dell Technologies Forum at JW Marriott, Aero City in Delhi and this most-awaited annual event of Dell technologies indeed gave me a grand opportunity to experience the power of Dell’s seven technology powerhouses that, too, under a common roof. I started my day early as I wanted to make the most of my time there. However, even after reaching well ahead of time for the registration, I saw the place is filled with hundreds of professionals from the IT community. The excitement was palpable all through the day, while a number of booths set up by partners of Dell Technologies were the cynosure of all eyes.

With so many things to learn, explore, and imbibe in just one day, I spent my journey back home contemplating everything I explored, experienced and learned during the forum. Well, here I am sharing my key takeaways from the event.

 Dell Technologies Forum

Key Takeaway 1: The keynote sessions by David Webster, President, APJ, Dell EMC, and Alex Lei, VP of Data Protection Solutions, APJ, Dell EMC, were great in terms of sharing knowledge, providing in-depth analysis and insights, and giving a whole new perspective of the digital future. So great were their sessions that it hooked me to my seat till the end.

The entire discussion provided me with some fascinating insights into some widely talked-about subjects, including innovation loop and their future impact, how to unlock a great value of data, how IoT and AI are enabling digital transformation, and most importantly, how we can plan and accelerate our journey of digital transformation with Dell technologies family.

Key Takeaway 2: An interesting part that I found quite unique during the forum was Dell’s optimism about the future of technologies. Especially, how it is catering to the four pillars—workforce transformation, digital transformation, security transformation, and IT transformation—to accelerate their customers’ overall transformation journey. With sessions, came interesting case studies showing how new-age technologies are providing new and innovative ways to grow.

A case in point is the latest transformation waves being witnessed by the agriculture sector through hydroponic farms to solar energy combating freshwater scarcity. So, when the entire world is baffled about the future impact of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, and many others, such an optimistic outlook presented by Dell indeed gave me a whole new perspective to contemplate on the benefits derived from new-age technologies.

And last but not the least, the CIO debate moderated by Srihari Palangala, Senior Director and Head of Marketing at Dell EMC, was the showstopper for me, as I got to learn a bigger picture of the industry, common industry expectations and how organizations are navigating through the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Key Takeaway 3: Hands-on lab was another major attraction of the forum that grabbed my attention immensely. Exploring technologies is something that I like the most and probably, that’s the reason I found hands-on lab most intriguing in the event. I did get a chance to gain insightful information about VXRail, VXFlex, Vsan, and Isilon lab and found them well put together.

Key Takeaway 4: Dell Technologies Forum was not only about discussing technology. There were several fun elements, too, which undoubtedly gave me a chance to let my hair down even after so many insightful sessions and discussions. The social media corner was conducting different activities like pledge against the use of plastic using the pledge placard, challenging one’s knowledge quotient while playing with the cards of innovation, and assessing one’s idea about digital, IT, security, and workforce transformation.
Honestly speaking, I wanted to participate in all of these activities. However, due to time constraint and a large crowd, I wasn’t able to do it.

In the end, Dell Technology Forum provided me with an excellent opportunity to listen to industry veterans, learn more about new and emerging technologies gaining prevalence today, and gain a better understanding of the future of the industry. I am already looking forward to attending Dell Tech Forum 2019.


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