Google has released the Android P Developer Preview as the first release. However, It blocked the Substratum themes and custom overlays. Android P Blocks Substratum themes is going to be the most hyped thing in theme lovers. Let’s get to know more about Android P Substratum themes.

The first early Android P Developer Preview has been released for the Google Pixel, Google Pixel XL, Google Pixel 2, and Google Pixel 2 XL. They have changed the user interface with the quality design. Anyway, all Substratum or custom themes are gone.

If you are an Android Oreo user then you should know this that it introduced the Sony’s overlay manager that can be controlled by ADB command line. Even though developers were able to create a version that is working without rooting the phone.

While adding the custom overlays in Android Oreo we were able to use the dark theme, change emojis, customize the navigation bar icons and etc etc. Whereas Android P features a new material design, maybe it will be known as Material Design 2 or new. It is brighter and vibrant than the previous colours.

Android P Blocks Substratum Themes Or Custom Overlays 1

If you try to install a custom overlay or Substratum themes in Android P. Down below we have added the logcat from XDA dev.

1239 W PackageManager: Package couldn’t be installed in /data/app/
03-07 21:00:13.099 1179 1239 W PackageManager: Overlay must be signed with the platform certificate.

Android P Blocks Substratum Themes Or Custom Overlays 2

Those users who have allowed the root access suffer from similar changes. They go force close and many other things. It is expected that Substratum team might find a way to fix this custom themes in Android P thing later. Yet, it is clear that Google doesn’t want you to use these kind of overlays. Subscribe to our channel for more updates.


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