Let’s change India with reimagining our lovely India. Visa recently started a campaign with ReImagineIndia on social media. What do you think of this? India is leaping into the future. The new, digital Indian is progressive, boundary-pushing and wants to be unbound from anything that slows them down. The youth do not recognize barriers and want to use technology to lead a frictionless life.

Watch the VISA # ReImagineIndia With the Powerful Indian youth.

Shot in a narrative manner, the video showcases how these six Indians are re-imagining India and using Visa to make things simpler and hassle-free for them.  Visa’s new ‘ReimagineIndia’ launch brings you imaginative and unbound payment experiences, like never before.

Digital India Is The Face Of #ReimagineIndia – Change The India With VISA

“In this New Age Digital India, consumers, especially millennials, do not recognize barriers and want to use technology to lead a friction-less life. As a brand, Visa is an enabler. It is an enabler of dreams, promises and aspirations as it seamlessly molds into the unbound lives of progressive Indians and making them feel free, unencumbered and in total control by providing them reimagined payment experiences as they #ReimagineIndia.” Manmeet Vohra, head marketing India and South Asia, Visa.

Bring The Digital India With #ReimagineIndia VISA Campaign 1

“Our work dramatizes the brand’s mission in the context of a new India that is re-imagining itself as it evolves and breaks from the past. The campaign is inspired by transformational stories of ageless progressive Indians today who are re-imagining every aspect of life. Visa, embodies this ‘unbound’ spirit that’s leading today’s India Reimagined. So, while you ReimagineIndia, Visa continues to reimagine payments.” Josy Paul, chairman and chief creative office, BBDO India.

Visa is making lives simpler by transforming the way India pays. Share how you # ReimagineIndia’ in your own unique ways; how you redefine your life space – your way of thinking, living, traveling, working, doing household chores, shopping, helping the society, pursuing a hobby or simply having fun!

You can share your own inspiring ideas or stories, or of the wonderful people around you in text, photos, videos or memes on your social media channels. Don’t forget to add #ReimagineIndia and tag Visa India to your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!



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