We are waiting for the new flagship of Mi series from Xiaomi. Mi 6 was quite good but did not get much of good response but we are expecting more from the Mi 7 Recently, few Mi 7 Real life images got leaked on Weibo.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Specifications:

It is clearly expected that it will have Snapdragon 845 processor for superfast performance. The 3D recognition will be the next feature and under the screen, fingerprint might change the game scene. It will be coupled with 6/64GB RAM and internal storage. The base version might get a price tag of 2799 yuan and so on.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Real Life Images Got Leaked Final 1

Earlier from the leak, it was supposed to have wide bangs, 3.5mm headset jack and more. There was news that it will support the iPhone X’s 3D recognition and that’s confirmed.

The back is a double camera with a vertically-arranged upper left corner. The layout is similar to the iPhone X.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Real Life Images Got Leaked Final 2

Prior to this, some netizens took the film of Xiaomi 7 and other models and made a comparison. It was found that Xiaomi 7 is almost the same size as PRO 6, which is smaller than 15 and iPhone X. Compared with P20 Pro, it is very slim.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Real Life Images Got Leaked Final 3

Now users @old burst technology and whim, directly paste the film millet 7 to the iPhone X’s body, the results magically found that the two surprisingly surprising size, only a little more than four corners.

It seems that in the appearance and feel of the millet 7 is largely directed at the iPhone X, in the end how to sit down and wait for the real machine.


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